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Pete Smith is a popular United States of America actor who is most renowned for his actor,voice actor,film producer,screenwriter,film director

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  • 87 years old.
  • Born in New York City
  • Zodiac Sign:Virgo
Age Pete Smith age is 8787
Birth Month 09
Birth Day 04
Professions Count Pete Smith Occupation count is 44
Relationships Pete Smith Number of relationships is 11
Number of Childrens Pete Smith Number of childres is 11
Number of Awards Pete Smith Awards count is 77

Pete Smith age is around 87,as Pete Smith was born on the 04th of 09, 1892 in New York City.

Real Name Pete Smith
Occupation actor,voice actor,film producer,screenwriter,film director
Nationality United States of America
Date of Birth 1892/09/04
Birth Year 1892
Birth Month 09
Birth day 04
Age 87
First Name Pete
Last Name Smith
Gender male
Place of Birth New York City
IMDB details nm0809570
Awards Receieved Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film, Color,Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film, Color,Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film, One-Reel,Academy Award for Best Live Action Sho
Sports team
Death place Santa Monica
Position held

Pete Smith Physical stats

Awards received by Pete Smith

1954WinnerHonorary AwardAcademy Awards, USA
1951NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1950NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1949NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1948NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1947NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1945NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1944NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1943NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1942NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1941WinnerOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1938WinnerOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1938NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1937NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1936NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1935NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1934NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1960WinnerStar on the Walk of FameWalk of Fame

Movie list of Pete Smith

The Fall Guy1955producer
Historical Oddities1955producer
Animals in Action1955producer
Global Quiz1955producer
Just What I Needed1955producer
Sports Trix1955producer
Keep Young1955producer
The Man Around the House1955producer
Rough Riding1954producer
The Camera Caught It1954producer
Adventures of a Handyman1954producer
Out for Fun1954producer
Do Someone a Favor!1954producer
Fish Tales1954producer
Ain't It Aggravatin'1954producer
Film Antics1954producer
Things We Can Do Without1953producer
Landlording It1953producer
This Is a Living?1953producer
It Would Serve 'Em Right1953producer
Cash Stashers1953producer
Ancient Cures1953producer
Dogs 'n Ducks1953producer
The Postman1953producer
Travel Quiz1953producer
Aquatic Kids1953producer
The Mosconi Story1953producer
Keep It Clean1952producer
I Love Children But...1952producer
Sweet Memories1952producer
Football Thrills No. 151952producer
Pedestrian Safety1952producer
Gymnastic Rhythm1952producer
It Could Happen to You1952producer
Fishing Feats1951producer
Mealtime Magic1951producer
In Case You're Curious1951producer
That's What You Think1951producer
Bargain Madness1951producer
Bandage Bait1951producer
Camera Sleuth1951producer
Fixin' Fool1951producer
Sky Skiers1951producer
Wanted: One Egg1950producer
Curious Contests1950producer
Table Toppers1950producer
A Wife's Life1950producer
Football Thrills No. 131950producer
Wrong Way Butch1950producer
That's His Story1950producer
Did'ja Know?1950producer
Wrong Son1950producer
Crashing the Movies1950producer
Pest Control1950producer
Sports Oddities1949producer
We Can Dream, Can't We?1949producer
Water Trix1949producer
Football Thrills No. 121949producer
Fishing for Fun1949producer
How Come?1949producer
Those Good Old Days1949producer
What I Want Next1949producer
Super Cue Men1949producer
Let's Cogitate1948producer
Ice Aces1948producer
Pigskin Skill1948producer
Why Is It?1948producer
Football Thrills No. 111948producer
Just Suppose1948producer
You Can't Win1948producer
I Love My Mother-in-Law But...1948producer
Bowling Tricks1948producer
Have You Ever Wondered?1947producer
What D'ya Know?1947producer
Surfboard Rhythm1947producer
Football Thrills No. 101947producer
Pet Peeves1947producer
Neighbor Pests1947producer
I Love My Wife But!1947producer
Now You See It1947producer
Early Sports Quiz: What's Your I.Q. No. 131947producer
Diamond Demon1947producer
Athletiquiz: What's Your I.Q.? No. 121947producer
Playing by Ear1946producer
I Love My Husband, But!1946producer
Sure Cures1946producer
Football Thrills No. 91946producer
Treasures from Trash1946producer
Equestrian Quiz: What's Your I.Q.? No. 111946producer
Studio Visit1946producer
Gettin' Glamour1946producer
Fala at Hyde Park1946producer
Sports Sticklers1946producer
Bus Pests1945producer
Guest Pests1945producer
Football Thrills of 19441945producer
Hollywood Scout1945producer
Track and Field Quiz1945producer
Safety Sleuth1944producer
Football Thrills of 19431944producer
Sports Quiz1944producer
Movie Pests1944producer
Groovie Movie1944producer
Home Maid1944producer
Practical Joker1944producer
Tips on Trips1943producer
Football Thrills of 19421943producer
Fixin' Tricks1943producer
Scrap Happy1943producer
Seventh Column1943producer
Seeing Hands1943producer
Dog House1943producer
Sky Science1943producer
Wild Horses1943producer
Fala: The President's Dog1943producer
Marines in the Making1942producer
Calling All Pa's1942producer
Football Thrills of 19411942producer
Victory Vittles1942producer
It's a Dog's Life1942producer
Self Defense1942producer
Victory Quiz1942producer
What About Daddy?1942producer
Aqua Antics1942producer
How to Hold Your Husband - BACK1941producer
Fancy Answers1941producer
Army Champions1941producer
Flicker Memories1941producer
Football Thrills of 19401941producer
Cuban Rhythm1941producer
Lions on the Loose1941producer
Memory Tricks1941producer
Murder in 3-D1941producer
Quiz Biz1941producer
Penny to the Rescue1941producer
Sea for Yourself1940producer
Quicker'n a Wink1940producer
Football Thrills of 19391940producer
Please Answer1940producer
'What's Your 'I.Q.'?': Number Two1940producer
Social Sea Lions1940producer
Cat College1940producer
Spots Before Your Eyes1940producer
Radio Hams1939producer
Heroes at Leisure1939producer
Double Diving1939producer
Man's Greatest Friend1938producer
Hot on Ice1938producer
Grid Rules1938producer
Football Thrills of 19371938producer
Follow the Arrow1938producer
The New Audioscopiks1938producer
Candid Cameramaniacs1937producer
Decathlon Champion: The Story of Glenn Morris1937producer
Romance of Radium1937producer
The Grand Bounce1937producer
Tennis Tactics1937producer
Penny Wisdom1937producer
Bar-Rac's Night Out1937producer
Wanted -- A Master1936producer
Behind the Headlines1936producer
Harnessed Rhythm1936producer
The Story of 'The Jonker Diamond'1936producer
Table Tennis1936producer
West Point of the South1936producer
Let's Dance1936producer
A Sports Parade Subject: Crew Racing1935producer
La Fiesta de Santa Barbara1935producer
Water Sports1935producer
Football Teamwork1935producer
Basketball Technique1935producer
Chain Letter Dimes1935producer
Donkey Baseball1935producer
Strikes and Spares1934producer
Flying Hunters1934producer
Goofy Movies Number Four1934producer
Goofy Movies Number Three1934producer
Vital Victuals1934producer
Goofy Movies Number Two1934producer
Goofy Movies Number One1933producer
Fine Feathers1933producer
Happy Warriors1933producer
Throttle Pushers1933producer
Football Footwork1932producer
Swing High1932producer
Microscopic Mysteries1932producer
Desert Regatta1932producer
Color Scales1932producer
Trout Fishing1932producer
Olympic Events1932producer
Dive In1932producer
Lesson in Golf1932producer
Whippet Racing1931producer
Piscatorial Pleasures1931producer
Wild and Woolly1931producer
Sharks and Swordfish1931producer
Pearls and Devil-Fish1931producer
Fishermen's Paradise1931producer
The Fall Guy1955actor
Just What I Needed1955actor
Sports Trix1955actor
Keep Young1955actor
The Man Around the House1955actor
Rough Riding1954actor
The Camera Caught It1954actor
Adventures of a Handyman1954actor
Out for Fun1954actor
Do Someone a Favor!1954actor
Fish Tales1954actor
Ain't It Aggravatin'1954actor
Things We Can Do Without1953actor
Landlording It1953actor
This Is a Living?1953actor
It Would Serve 'Em Right1953actor
Cash Stashers1953actor
Dogs 'n Ducks1953actor
The Postman1953actor
The Mosconi Story1953actor
Keep It Clean1952actor
I Love Children But...1952actor
Sweet Memories1952actor
Football Thrills No. 151952actor
Pedestrian Safety1952actor
It Could Happen to You1952actor
Fishing Feats1951actor
Mealtime Magic1951actor
In Case You're Curious1951actor
That's What You Think1951actor
Bargain Madness1951actor
Bandage Bait1951actor
Camera Sleuth1951actor
Fixin' Fool1951actor
Sky Skiers1951actor
Wedding Bills1950actor
Wanted: One Egg1950actor
Curious Contests1950actor
Table Toppers1950actor
A Wife's Life1950actor
Football Thrills No. 131950actor
Wrong Way Butch1950actor
That's His Story1950actor
Did'ja Know?1950actor
Wrong Son1950actor
Crashing the Movies1950actor
Pest Control1950actor
Sports Oddities1949actor
We Can Dream, Can't We?1949actor
Adam's Rib1949actor
Football Thrills No. 121949actor
Fishing for Fun1949actor
How Come?1949actor
Those Good Old Days1949actor
What I Want Next1949actor
Super Cue Men1949actor
Let's Cogitate1948actor
Ice Aces1948actor
Pigskin Skill1948actor
Why Is It?1948actor
Football Thrills No. 111948actor
Just Suppose1948actor
You Can't Win1948actor
I Love My Mother-in-Law But...1948actor
Bowling Tricks1948actor
Have You Ever Wondered?1947actor
What D'ya Know?1947actor
Pet Peeves1947actor
Neighbor Pests1947actor
I Love My Wife But!1947actor
Early Sports Quiz: What's Your I.Q. No. 131947actor
Diamond Demon1947actor
Athletiquiz: What's Your I.Q.? No. 121947actor
Playing by Ear1946actor
Sure Cures1946actor
Football Thrills No. 91946actor
Treasures from Trash1946actor
Studio Visit1946actor
Gettin' Glamour1946actor
Sports Sticklers1946actor
Bus Pests1945actor
Guest Pests1945actor
Football Thrills of 19441945actor
Hollywood Scout1945actor
Track and Field Quiz1945actor
Safety Sleuth1944actor
Football Thrills of 19431944actor
Sports Quiz1944actor
Sportsman's Memories1944actor
Groovie Movie1944actor
Home Maid1944actor
Practical Joker1944actor
Water Wisdom1943actor
Tips on Trips1943actor
Football Thrills of 19421943actor
Fixin' Tricks1943actor
Scrap Happy1943actor
Seventh Column1943actor
Seeing Hands1943actor
Fala: The President's Dog1943actor
Hollywood Daredevils1943actor
First Aid1943actor
Calling All Pa's1942actor
Football Thrills of 19411942actor
Victory Vittles1942actor
Pete Smith's Scrapbook1942actor
Victory Quiz1942actor
What About Daddy?1942actor
Aqua Antics1942actor
Fancy Answers1941actor
Flicker Memories1941actor
Football Thrills of 19401941actor
Water Bugs1941actor
Murder in 3-D1941actor
Quiz Biz1941actor
Penny to the Rescue1941actor
Sea for Yourself1940actor
Wedding Bills1940actor
Football Thrills of 19391940actor
Social Sea Lions1940actor
Cat College1940actor
Spots Before Your Eyes1940actor
The Domineering Male1940actor
Maintain the Right1940actor
Set 'em Up1939actor
Take a Cue1939actor
Culinary Carving1939actor
Poetry of Nature1939actor
Radio Hams1939actor
Weather Wizards1939actor
Football Thrills of 19381939actor
Penny's Picnic1938actor
The Story of Doctor Carver1938actor
La Savate1938actor
Jungle Juveniles No. 21938actor
The New Audioscopiks1938actor
Friend Indeed1937actor
Candid Cameramaniacs1937actor
Decathlon Champion: The Story of Glenn Morris1937actor
Jungle Juveniles1937actor
Pigskin Champions1937actor
Golf Mistakes1937actor
The Grand Bounce1937actor
Tennis Tactics1937actor
Penny Wisdom1937actor
Ski Skill1937actor
Bar-Rac's Night Out1937actor
Wanted -- A Master1936actor
Sports on Ice1936actor
Olympic Ski Champions1936actor
Aquatic Artistry1936actor
The Story of 'The Jonker Diamond'1936actor
Racing Canines1936actor
Air Hoppers1936actor
Fightin' Fish1935actor
Sporting Nuts1935actor
Donkey Baseball1935actor
Dartmouth Days1934actor
Goofy Movies Number Nine1934actor
Strikes and Spares1934actor
Goofy Movies Number Eight1934actor
Pichianni Troupe1934actor
Pro Football1934actor
Goofy Movies Number Seven1934actor
Taking Care of Baby1934actor
Goofy Movies Number Six1934actor
Attention Suckers1934actor
Goofy Movies Number Five1934actor
Goofy Movies Number Four1934actor
Manhattan Melodrama1934actor
Goofy Movies Number Three1934actor
Trick Golf1934actor
Goofy Movies Number Two1934actor
Goofy Movies Number One1933actor
Fine Feathers1933actor
Happy Warriors1933actor
Fast Life1932actor
Football Footwork1932actor
Trader Hound1931actor
Fishermen's Paradise1931actor
The Lying Truth1922actor
MGM Parade1956writer
This Is a Living?1953writer
Football Thrills No. 14: Football Thrills of 19511951writer
Ice Aces1948writer
Surfboard Rhythm1947writer
Football Thrills No. 101947writer
Pete Smith's Scrapbook1942writer
How to Train a Dog1936writer
The Story of 'The Jonker Diamond'1936writer
Trained Hoofs1935writer
Donkey Baseball1935writer
Football Thrills of 19441945director
Football Thrills of 19381939director
Football Thrills of 19371938director
Let's Dance1936soundtrack
The Lying Truth1922miscellaneous
Historical Oddities1955self
Animals in Action1955self
Global Quiz1955self
Film Antics1954self
Ancient Cures1953self
Travel Quiz1953self
Aquatic Kids1953self
Football Thrills No. 14: Football Thrills of 19511951self
Water Trix1949self
Surfboard Rhythm1947self
Football Thrills No. 101947self
Now You See It1947self
I Love My Husband, But!1946self
Equestrian Quiz: What's Your I.Q.? No. 111946self
Fala at Hyde Park1946self
Movie Pests1944self
Dog House1943self
Sky Science1943self
The Tree in a Test Tube1943self
Wild Horses1943self
Marines in the Making1942self
It's a Dog's Life1942self
Self Defense1942self
How to Hold Your Husband - BACK1941self
Army Champions1941self
Cuban Rhythm1941self
Lions on the Loose1941self
Memory Tricks1941self
Quicker'n a Wink1940self
Please Answer1940self
'What's Your 'I.Q.'?': Number Two1940self
What's Your IQ?1940self
Ski Birds1939self
Let's Talk Turkey1939self
Marine Circus1939self
Heroes at Leisure1939self
Double Diving1939self
Man's Greatest Friend1938self
Hot on Ice1938self
Grid Rules1938self
Football Thrills of 19371938self
Follow the Arrow1938self
Hollywood Goes to Town1938self
Surf Heroes1938self
Modeling for Money1938self
Penny's Party1938self
Three on a Rope1938self
Romance of Radium1937self
Equestrian Acrobats1937self
Gilding the Lily1937self
Behind the Headlines1936self
Harnessed Rhythm1936self
Table Tennis1936self
West Point of the South1936self
Let's Dance1936self
A Sports Parade Subject: Crew Racing1935self
La Fiesta de Santa Barbara1935self
Water Sports1935self
Trained Hoofs1935self
Football Teamwork1935self
Basketball Technique1935self
Prince, King of Dogs1935self
Chain Letter Dimes1935self
Motorcycle Cossacks1935self
Flying Hunters1934self
Vital Victuals1934self
Roping Wild Bears1934self
Throttle Pushers1933self
Allez Oop1933self
Motorcycle Mania1933self
Chalk Up1932self
Swing High1932self
Block and Tackle1932self
Microscopic Mysteries1932self
Desert Regatta1932self
Snow Birds1932self
Color Scales1932self
Trout Fishing1932self
Olympic Events1932self
Lesson in Golf1932self
Whippet Racing1931self
Piscatorial Pleasures1931self
Wild and Woolly1931self
Sharks and Swordfish1931self
Pearls and Devil-Fish1931self
Added Attractions: The Hollywood Shorts Story2002archive_footage
MGM Parade1955-1956archive_footage
The Great Morgan1946archive_footage

Pete Smith Popularity

* 87 is AGE #500
* 1892 is the Birth Year #832
* 09 is the Birth Month #123
* 04 is the BirthDay #865
* New York City is the birth Place #854
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Pete Smith Net worth

Check how rich is Pete Smith in 2020? also latest information on Pete Smith cars, Pete Smith income, remuneration, lifestyle.Based on Online sources ( Wikipedia,google Search,Yahoo search) Pete Smith estimated net worth is $ USD 8 Mil and Primary income from actor,voice actor,film producer,screenwriter,film director. We don’t have enough evidences on Pete Smith cars, Pete Smith lifestyle. We will update these information soon.

Facts About Pete Smith

Pete Smith Age as of 2020 is 87
Awards Received by Pete Smith:Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film, Color,Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film, Color,Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film, One-Reel,Academy Award for Best Live Action Sho.
Pete Smith Place of Birth is New York City.