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Jim Henson is a popular United States of America actor who is most renowned for his actor,screenwriter,puppeteer,film producer,voice actor,television director,film director

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  • 54 years old.
  • Born in Greenville
  • Zodiac Sign:Libra
Age Jim Henson age is 5454
Birth Month 09
Birth Day 24
Professions Count Jim Henson Occupation count is 66
Relationships Jim Henson Number of relationships is 22
Number of Childrens Jim Henson Number of childres is 33
Number of Awards Jim Henson Awards count is 33

Jim Henson age is around 54,as Jim Henson was born on the 24th of 09, 1936 in Greenville.

Real Name Jim Henson
Occupation actor,screenwriter,puppeteer,film producer,voice actor,television director,film director
Nationality United States of America
Date of Birth 1936/09/24
Birth Year 1936
Birth Month 09
Birth day 24
Age 54
First Name Jim
Last Name Henson
Gender male
Place of Birth Greenville
IMDB details nm0001345
Awards Receieved Emmy Award,Disney Legends,Peabody Award
Childrens Lisa Henson,John Henson,Brian Henson
Education University of Maryland
Languages spoke and written English
Political Party Democratic Party
Sports team
Official website http://www.henson.com/
Death place New York City
Position held
Religion Christian Science
Residence Leland
Spouse Jane Henson,Jane Henson

Jim Henson Physical stats

eye colourBrown - Dark
Hair colourBrown - Light

Awards received by Jim Henson

1966NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1990NomineePrimetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy Awards
1990NomineePrimetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy Awards
1989WinnerPrimetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy Awards
1989WinnerPrimetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy Awards
1989NomineePrimetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy Awards
1988NomineePrimetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy Awards
1988NomineePrimetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy Awards
1988NomineePrimetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy Awards
1987WinnerPrimetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy Awards
1987NomineePrimetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy Awards
1981NomineePrimetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy Awards
1981NomineePrimetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy Awards
1980NomineePrimetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy Awards
1980NomineePrimetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy Awards
1979NomineePrimetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy Awards
1978WinnerPrimetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy Awards
1978NomineePrimetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy Awards
1977NomineePrimetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy Awards
1977NomineePrimetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy Awards
1992WinnerBAFTA TV AwardBAFTA Awards
1980NomineeBAFTA TV AwardBAFTA Awards
1979NomineeBAFTA TV AwardBAFTA Awards
1978WinnerBAFTA TV AwardBAFTA Awards
1978NomineeBAFTA TV AwardBAFTA Awards
1967WinnerBlue Ribbon AwardAmerican Film Festival
1983WinnerGrand PrizeAvoriaz Fantastic Film Festival
1988WinnerACECableACE Awards
1988NomineeACECableACE Awards
1987WinnerACECableACE Awards
1987NomineeACECableACE Awards
1985NomineeACECableACE Awards
1979WinnerACECableACE Awards
1988WinnerCINE Golden EagleCINE Competition
1978WinnerCINE Golden EagleCINE Competition
1967WinnerCINE Golden EagleCINE Competition
1991NomineeDaytime EmmyDaytime Emmy Awards
1989NomineeDaytime EmmyDaytime Emmy Awards
1988WinnerDaytime EmmyDaytime Emmy Awards
1987WinnerDaytime EmmyDaytime Emmy Awards
1986WinnerDaytime EmmyDaytime Emmy Awards
1985WinnerDaytime EmmyDaytime Emmy Awards
1979WinnerDaytime EmmyDaytime Emmy Awards
1976WinnerDaytime EmmyDaytime Emmy Awards
1974WinnerDaytime EmmyDaytime Emmy Awards
1981WinnerGabriel AwardGabriel Awards
1987WinnerGeminiGemini Awards
1979WinnerGolden CameraGolden Camera, Germany
1980WinnerGrammyGrammy Awards
1979WinnerGrammyGrammy Awards
1976NomineeGrammyGrammy Awards
1971WinnerGrammyGrammy Awards
1987NomineeHugoHugo Awards
1983NomineeHugoHugo Awards
1980WinnerFounders AwardInternational Emmy Awards
1959WinnerRegional Emmy AwardNational Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter Emmy Awards
1990WinnerGovernors AwardNew York Emmy Awards
1966WinnerFirst PrizeOberhausen International Short Film Festival
2012NomineeOFTA Film AwardOnline Film & Television Association
2005WinnerOFTA TV Hall of FameOnline Film & Television Association
1977WinnerGolden RoseRose d'Or Light Entertainment Festival
2005WinnerTime-Machine Honorary AwardSitges - Catalonian International Film Festival
1990WinnerTCA AwardTelevision Critics Association Awards
1990WinnerCareer Achievement AwardTelevision Critics Association Awards
1989NomineeCareer Achievement AwardTelevision Critics Association Awards
1988NomineeCareer Achievement AwardTelevision Critics Association Awards
1986NomineeTCA AwardTelevision Critics Association Awards
1990WinnerSilver TellyTelly Awards
1990WinnerSilver TellyTelly Awards
1965WinnerPlaque Lion St MarcVenice Film Festival
1991WinnerStar on the Walk of FameWalk of Fame
1986WinnerPersonal AwardPeabody Awards

Movie list of Jim Henson

Sesame Street1969-1997actor
Muppet*vision 3-D1991actor
Shalom Sesame1987-1990actor
The Magical World of Disney1990actor
The Earth Day Special1990actor
Free to Be... a Family1988actor
Hey, You're as Funny as Fozzie Bear1988actor
Let's Learn to Play Together1988actor
Muppet Madness1988actor
Muppet Studios Presents: You're the Director1988actor
Sing-Along, Dance-Along, Do-Along1988actor
Wow, You're a Cartoonist!1988actor
Muppet Babies1988actor
Sesame Street: Oscar's Letter Party1988actor
Magic on Sesame Street1988actor
Sesame Street, Special1988actor
Alive from Off Center1987actor
Inner Tube1987actor
Learning to Add and Subtract1987actor
Muppet Breakaway1987actor
Muppet Coffee Break1987actor
Sing Along1987actor
A Muppet Family Christmas1987actor
Ernest Goes to Camp1987actor
Fraggle Rock1983-1987actor
The Christmas Toy1986actor
Learning About Numbers1986actor
The Tale of the Bunny Picnic1986actor
The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years1986actor
Childrens Songs and Stories with the Muppets1985actor
Fozzie's Muppet Scrapbook1985actor
Muppet Lift Off1985actor
Muppet Perk-Up1985actor
Muppet Video: Country Music with the Muppets1985actor
Muppet Video: Gonzo Presents Muppet Weird Stuff1985actor
Muppet Video: Muppet Moments1985actor
Muppet Video: Muppet Treasures1985actor
Muppet Video: Rock Music with the Muppets1985actor
Muppet Video: Rowlf's Rhapsodies with the Muppets1985actor
Muppet Video: The Kermit and Piggy Story1985actor
Great Performances1985actor
Jim Henson's Little Muppet Monsters1985actor
Follow That Bird1985actor
Reading Rainbow1985actor
Into the Night1985actor
The Muppets Take Manhattan1984actor
Muppet Breakthrough1983actor
Don't Eat the Pictures: Sesame Street at the Metropolitan Museum of Art1983actor
Big Bird in China1983actor
The Dark Crystal1982actor
Muppet Side Splitter1981actor
The Great Muppet Caper1981actor
The Muppets Go to the Movies1981actor
The Muppet Show1976-1981actor
Muppet Breaker Upper1979actor
Muppet Gimme a Break1979actor
The Muppet Movie1979actor
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson1979actor
Christmas Eve on Sesame Street1978actor
Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas1977actor
The Muppet Show Pitch Reel1976actor
Saturday Night Live1975-1976actor
Muppet Picker Upper1975actor
Julie: My Favourite Things1975actor
Muppets No-Nonsense Show1975actor
Out to Lunch1974actor
Tales from Muppetland: The Muppet Musicians of Bremen1972actor
Tales from Muppetland: The Frog Prince1971actor
The Ed Sullivan Show1966-1971actor
Pure Goldie1971actor
The Great Santa Claus Switch1970actor
Sesame Street Pitch Reel1969actor
The Wizard of Id1969actor
Hey Cinderella!1969actor
NBC Experiment in Television1969actor
That's Life1968actor
Coffee Break Machine1967actor
The Paperwork Explosion1967actor
Our Place1967actor
The Hollywood Palace1966actor
The Jimmy Dean Show1963-1966actor
Rumple Wrinkle Shrinkel Stretchelstiltzkin1965actor
Shrinkel and Stretchel1965actor
Time Piece1965actor
Wilson's Meats Meeting Film #21965actor
The Land of Tinkerdee1964actor
Tales of the Tinkerdee1962actor
Sam and Friends1955-1961actor
The Power of the Dark Crystalwriter
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance2019writer
Muppet Babies2018writer
Akasta: The Salvation of Thra2016writer
The Muppets.2015-2016writer
Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow2015writer
Muppets Most Wanted2014writer
The Muppets2011writer
Muppets TV2006writer
The Muppet CDROM: Muppets Inside1996writer
Muppet Babies1984-1991writer
Little Mermaid's Island1990writer
The Storyteller1987writer
CBS Summer Playhouse1987writer
Fraggle Rock1983-1987writer
Inside the Labyrinth1986writer
Childrens Songs and Stories with the Muppets1985writer
Fozzie's Muppet Scrapbook1985writer
Muppet Video: Country Music with the Muppets1985writer
Muppet Video: Gonzo Presents Muppet Weird Stuff1985writer
Muppet Video: Muppet Moments1985writer
Muppet Video: Muppet Treasures1985writer
Muppet Video: The Kermit and Piggy Story1985writer
Jim Henson's Little Muppet Monsters1985writer
The Dark Crystal1982writer
The Muppets Go to the Movies1981writer
The Muppet Showwriter
Saturday Night Live1976writer
Muppets No-Nonsense Show1975writer
The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence1975writer
The Muppets Valentine Show1974writer
Sesame Street1969-1970writer
NBC Experiment in Televisionwriter
Time Piece1965writer
Tales of the Tinkerdee1962writer
Sam and Friends1955-1961writer
The Storyteller: Greek Myths1991producer
The Jim Henson Hour1990producer
The Magical World of Disney1990producer
The Witches1990producer
Muppet Babies1988-1989producer
Sesame Street: 20 Years & Still Counting! 1969-19891989producer
Jim Henson Presents the World of International Puppeteering1989producer
Hey, You're as Funny as Fozzie Bear1988producer
Muppet Studios Presents: You're the Director1988producer
The Storyteller1987-1988producer
A Muppet Family Christmas1987producer
Fraggle Rock1987producer
Down at Fraggle Rock... Behind the Scenes1987producer
CBS Summer Playhouse1987producer
Fraggle Rock1983-1987producer
The Christmas Toy1986producer
Learning About Numbers1986producer
The Tale of the Bunny Picnic1986producer
Childrens Songs and Stories with the Muppets1985producer
Muppet Video: Muppet Treasures1985producer
Muppet Video: The Kermit and Piggy Story1985producer
Follow That Bird1985producer
The Muppets Take Manhattan1984producer
Rocky Mountain Holiday with John Denver and the Muppets1983producer
The Dark Crystal1982producer
The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show1982producer
The Muppets Go to the Movies1981producer
The Muppet Showproducer
The Muppet Movie1979producer
The Muppets Go Hollywood1979producer
Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas1977producer
The Muppet Show Pitch Reel1976producer
Muppets No-Nonsense Show1975producer
The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence1975producer
The Muppets Valentine Show1974producer
Tales from Muppetland: The Muppet Musicians of Bremen1972producer
Tales from Muppetland: The Frog Prince1971producer
NBC Experiment in Television1968-1969producer
Coffee Break Machine1967producer
The Paperwork Explosion1967producer
Wheels That Go1967producer
Rumple Wrinkle Shrinkel Stretchelstiltzkin1965producer
Run, Run1965producer
Shrinkel and Stretchel1965producer
Time Piece1965producer
Wilson's Meats Meeting Film #11965producer
Wilson's Meats Meeting Film #21965producer
The Land of Tinkerdee1964producer
Tales of the Tinkerdee1962producer
Shearing Animation1961producer
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return2017soundtrack
Muppet Guys Talking2017soundtrack
Atop the Fourth Wall2015soundtrack
Muppets Most Wanted2014soundtrack
The Muppets2011soundtrack
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno2011soundtrack
OK Go & The Muppets: Muppet Show Theme Song2011soundtrack
Pastor Mike Online2011soundtrack
20 to 12010soundtrack
Dancing with the Stars2009soundtrack
Saturday Night Live2009soundtrack
Forgetting Sarah Marshall2008soundtrack
Filthy Gorgeous: The Trannyshack Story2005soundtrack
Muppet Monster Adventure2000soundtrack
Sesame Streetsoundtrack
Sesame Street: The Great Numbers Game1998soundtrack
Sesame Songs: Sing-Along Earth Songs1993soundtrack
Die Hausmeisterin1992soundtrack
3 Men and a Little Lady1990soundtrack
Sing Yourself Silly!1990soundtrack
The Best of Ernie and Bert1988soundtrack
Count It Higher: Great Music Videos from Sesame Street1988soundtrack
Sesame Street, Special1988soundtrack
Sing Along1987soundtrack
Fraggle Rock1983-1987soundtrack
I'm Glad I'm Me1986soundtrack
Learning About Letters1986soundtrack
Sesame Street: Sleepytime Songs & Stories1986soundtrack
The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years1986soundtrack
Muppet Video: Muppet Moments1985soundtrack
Follow That Bird1985soundtrack
The Muppets Take Manhattan1984soundtrack
Happy Birthday, Bob!1983soundtrack
Rocky Mountain Holiday with John Denver and the Muppets1983soundtrack
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John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together1979soundtrack
The Muppet Movie1979soundtrack
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson1975-1979soundtrack
Christmas Eve on Sesame Street1978soundtrack
The Ed Sullivan Show1967soundtrack
The Jimmy Dean Show1963-1964soundtrack
The Merv Griffin Show1962soundtrack
The Mike Douglas Show1961soundtrack
Sesame Street: Cookie Monster's Best Bites1995director
Sesame Street1978-1993director
Muppet*vision 3-D1991director
Sesame Songs: Monster Hits!1990director
Shalom Sesame1987-1990director
The Earth Day Special1990director
The Jim Henson Hourdirector
Muppet Madness1988director
The Best of Ernie and Bert1988director
The Storyteller1988director
Big Bird's Favorite Party Games1988director
The Alphabet Game1988director
Inner Tube1987director
Learning About Letters1986director
The Tale of the Bunny Picnic1986director
Fraggle Rock1983-1985director
Muppet Breakthrough1983director
Rocky Mountain Holiday with John Denver and the Muppets1983director
The Dark Crystal1982director
The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show1982director
The Great Muppet Caper1981director
Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas1977director
Muppets No-Nonsense Show1975director
The Muppets Valentine Show1974director
Tales from Muppetland: The Muppet Musicians of Bremen1972director
Tales from Muppetland: The Frog Prince1971director
Hey Cinderella!1969director
NBC Experiment in Television1969director
The Paperwork Explosion1967director
Wheels That Go1967director
Time Piece1965director
Drums West1961director
Sam and Friends1955-1961director
Shearing Animation1961director
A Muppet Family Christmas1987miscellaneous
Learning About Numbers1986miscellaneous
Jim Henson's Little Muppet Monsters1985miscellaneous
El kiosco1984miscellaneous
The Muppets Take Manhattan1984miscellaneous
The Great Santa Claus Switch1970miscellaneous
The Land of Tinkerdee1964miscellaneous
The Jimmy Dean Show1964miscellaneous
Sam and Friends1957-1959miscellaneous
Sesame Street2004animation_department
Learning About Numbers1986animation_department
Time Piece1965animation_department
Run, Run1965cinematographer
Shearing Animation1961cinematographer
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles1990art_department
Bird of Steel!thanks
Akasta: The Salvation of Thra2016thanks
Childhood Thoughts2016thanks
League of Superheroes2015thanks
Life with Jeannie2013thanks
Edicin Especial Coleccionista2011thanks
The Puppet Monster Massacre2010thanks
Muppets Magic from 'The Ed Sullivan Show'2003thanks
Sesame Street: Grover's Travels1998thanks
Natural Born Stanley1997thanks
The Muppet Christmas Carol1992thanks
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze1991thanks
An American Werewolf in London1981thanks
The Dark Crystal: The Magic, Myth, and the Henson Legacy2018self
Labyrinth: Remembering the Goblin King2016self
Labyrinth: Reordering Time - Looking Back on Labyrinth2016self
The Jim Henson Hour1989-1992self
The Arsenio Hall Show1989-1990self
Sing! Sesame Street Remembers Joe Raposo and His Music1990self
The 41st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards1989self
From the Heart... The First International Very Special Arts Festival1989self
The 16th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards1989self
The 3rd Annual American Comedy Awards1989self
The Pat Sajak Show1989self
CBS This Morning1989self
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson1974-1989self
Sesame Street: 20 Years & Still Counting! 1969-19891989self
Jim Henson Presents the World of International Puppeteering1988-1989self
Neat Stuff: To Know & to Do1988self
Memories Then and Now1988self
Wide Awake Club1988self
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade1987self
Down at Fraggle Rock... Behind the Scenes1987self
The 8th Annual Cable ACE Awards1987self
Inside the Labyrinth1986self
Wedden, dat..?1986self
Na sowas!1986self
The 58th Annual Academy Awards1986self
The 3rd Annual Television Academy Hall of Fame Awards1986self
Joan Rivers: Can We Talk?1986self
Night of 100 Stars II1985self
Henson's Place1984self
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade1984self
El kiosco1984self
The 36th Primetime Emmy Awards1984self
The Making of 'The Muppets Take Manhattan'1984self
Classic Creatures: Return of the Jedi1983self
De pelcula1983self
Happy Birthday, Bob!1983self
Rocky Mountain Holiday with John Denver and the Muppets1983self
The World of 'The Dark Crystal'1983self
The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show1982self
The 54th Annual Academy Awards1982self
I Love Liberty1982self
Of Muppets and Men: The Making of 'The Muppet Show'1981self
Here Come the Puppets!1981self
The 52nd Annual Academy Awards1980self
The Orson Welles Show1979self
John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together1979self
The Mike Douglas Show1966-1979self
The 31st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards1979self
Good Morning America1979self
The Muppets Go Hollywood1979self
60 Minutes1979self
Mickey's 501978self
The Magical World of Disney1978self
The 30th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards1978self
Happy Birthday, Bob1978self
A Tribute to Mr. Television Milton Berle1978self
Julie Andrews: One Step Into Spring1978self
The Bob Hope All Star Christmas Comedy Special1977self
The Cry of a Hurting World... I'm Hungry!1977self
Julie Andrews: One to One1975self
The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence1975self
The Muppets Valentine Show1974self
Julie on Sesame Street1973self
Keep U.S. Beautiful1973self
The Julie Andrews Hour1973self
The David Frost Show1971self
The Dick Cavett Show1971self
Evening at Pops1971self
SIE - er - ES1971self
The Ed Sullivan Show1966-1970self
The Muppets on Puppets1970self
Le tour du monde des marionnettes1969self
The Jimmy Dean Show1963-1966self
Wilson's Meats Meeting Film #11965self
The Jack Paar Program1963-1965self
Drums West1961self
The Jack Paar Tonight Show1958self
The Steve Allen Plymouth Show1956-1957self
Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary Celebration2019archive_footage
The Crystal Calls - Making the Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance2019archive_footage
NECN Morning2018archive_footage
The Morning Show2017archive_footage
In Their Own Words2015archive_footage
I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story2014archive_footage
Sesame Street: Old School, Volume 32012archive_footage
Sesame Street: Silly Storytime2011archive_footage
A Current Affair2011archive_footage
Pioneers of Television2011archive_footage
Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey2011archive_footage
Sesame Street: Preschool is Cool, ABCs with Elmo2010archive_footage
Arias with a Twist2010archive_footage
Cinemassacre's Monster Madness2009archive_footage
The 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards2009archive_footage
Muppets 201: Rarities from the Henson Vault2009archive_footage
Entertainment Tonight1990-2009archive_footage
20 to 12006-2009archive_footage
A Company of Players2008archive_footage
Sesame Street: Old School Volume 22007archive_footage
Reflections of 'The Dark Crystal'2007archive_footage
Kids' Favorite Country Songs2007archive_footage
A Sesame Street Christmas Carol2006archive_footage
World of Robin Hood2006archive_footage
Sesame Street1988-2005archive_footage
Kermit: A Frog's Life2005archive_footage
Sesame Street: A Celebration of Me, Grover2004archive_footage
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Songs: America's Greatest Music in the Movies2004archive_footage
Jack Paar: Smart Television2003archive_footage
Muppets Magic from 'The Ed Sullivan Show'2003archive_footage
50 Greatest TV Animals2003archive_footage
Bert & Ernie's Word Play2002archive_footage
Play with Me Sesame2002archive_footage
Gilda Radner's Greatest Moments2002archive_footage
Muppet Race Mania2000archive_footage
Sesame English1999archive_footage
Sesame Street Unpaved1999archive_footage
The Best of Kermit on Sesame Street1998archive_footage
The 70th Annual Academy Awards1998archive_footage
Apple: Here's to the Crazy Ones1997archive_footage
123 Count with Me1997archive_footage
Elmo Says Boo1997archive_footage
Sesame Street: Quiet Time1997archive_footage
The 69th Annual Academy Awards1997archive_footage
Sesame Street: Get Up and Dance1997archive_footage
Imagine That!1996archive_footage
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Sesame Street: Cookie Monster's Best Bites1995archive_footage
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Television's Christmas Classics1994archive_footage
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It's Not Easy Being Green1994archive_footage
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Holiday Greetings from 'The Ed Sullivan Show'1992archive_footage
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Sesame Street: Sing, Hoot & Howl with the Sesame Street Animals1991archive_footage
Sesame Songs: Monster Hits!1990archive_footage
Sesame Songs: Rock & Roll1990archive_footage
The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson1990archive_footage
Sesame Songs: Dance Along!1990archive_footage
Sing Yourself Silly!1990archive_footage
The Best of Ernie and Bert1988archive_footage
Count It Higher: Great Music Videos from Sesame Street1988archive_footage
Big Bird's Favorite Party Games1988archive_footage
The Alphabet Game1988archive_footage
I'm Glad I'm Me1986archive_footage
Learning About Letters1986archive_footage
Sesame Street: Sleepytime Songs & Stories1986archive_footage
Getting Ready to Read1986archive_footage
Muppet Babies1985archive_footage
An American Werewolf in London1981archive_footage

Jim Henson Popularity

* 54 is AGE #340
* 1936 is the Birth Year #110
* 09 is the Birth Month #1377
* 24 is the BirthDay #1254
* Greenville is the birth Place #2191
Celebrity How Calculates Jim Henson Popularity Based on Wiki page views and also our internal Page view count.

Jim Henson Net worth

Check how rich is Jim Henson in 2020? also latest information on Jim Henson cars, Jim Henson income, remuneration, lifestyle.Based on Online sources ( Wikipedia,google Search,Yahoo search) Jim Henson estimated net worth is $ USD 4 Mil and Primary income from actor,screenwriter,puppeteer,film producer,voice actor,television director,film director. We don’t have enough evidences on Jim Henson cars, Jim Henson lifestyle. We will update these information soon.

Jim Henson Education

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Jim Henson Home town

Jim Henson hometown is Greenville.
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Facts About Jim Henson

Jim Henson Age as of 2020 is 54
Awards Received by Jim Henson:Emmy Award,Disney Legends,Peabody Award.
Jim Henson Place of Birth is Greenville.