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Gordon Hollingshead is a popular United States of America film producer who is most renowned for his film producer,actor,film director

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  • 60 years old.
  • Born in Garfield
  • Zodiac Sign:Capricorn
Age Gordon Hollingshead age is 6060
Birth Month 01
Birth Day 08
Professions Count Gordon Hollingshead Occupation count is 22
Relationships Gordon Hollingshead Number of relationships is 11
Number of Childrens Gordon Hollingshead Number of childres is 11
Number of Awards Gordon Hollingshead Awards count is 77

Gordon Hollingshead age is around 60,as Gordon Hollingshead was born on the 08th of 01, 1892 in Garfield.

Real Name Gordon Hollingshead
Occupation film producer,actor,film director
Nationality United States of America
Date of Birth 1892/01/08
Birth Year 1892
Birth Month 01
Birth day 08
Age 60
First Name Gordon
Last Name Hollingshead
Gender male
Place of Birth Garfield
IMDB details nm0391121
Awards Receieved Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film, Two-Reel,Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film, Two-Reel,Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film, Two-Reel,Academy Award for Best Live Acti
Sports team
Death place California
Position held

Gordon Hollingshead Physical stats

Awards received by Gordon Hollingshead

1953NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1953NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1952NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1951WinnerOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1951NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1950NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1950NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1950NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1949NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1949NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1949NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1948NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1947WinnerOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1947WinnerOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1947NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1946WinnerOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1946NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1945WinnerOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1945NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1944NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1944NomineeOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1934WinnerOscarAcademy Awards, USA
1960WinnerStar on the Walk of FameWalk of Fame

Movie list of Gordon Hollingshead

So You Love Your Dog1953producer
So You Want a Television Set1953producer
So You Want to Learn to Dance1953producer
Desert Killer1952producer
Thar She Blows!1952producer
So You Want to Wear the Pants1952producer
Warner Bros. Sports Parade: Just for Sports1952producer
So You're Going to the Dentist1952producer
So You Never Tell a Lie1952producer
So You Want to Go to a Convention1952producer
No Pets Allowed1952producer
So You Want to Enjoy Life1952producer
Sports Parade: Glamour in Tennis1952producer
So You Want to Get It Wholesale1952producer
The Seeing Eye1951producer
So You Want to Be a Plumber1951producer
So You Want to Be a Bachelor1951producer
Enchanted Islands1951producer
So You Want to Buy a Used Car1951producer
In Old New York1951producer
So You Want to Be a Cowboy1951producer
The Neighbor Next Door1951producer
The Screen Director1951producer
The Naughty Twenties1951producer
So You Want to Be a Handy Man1951producer
My Country 'Tis of Thee1950producer
So You're Going to Have an Operation1950producer
So You Want a Raise1950producer
Grandad of Races1950producer
So You Want to Move1950producer
Women of Tomorrow1950producer
The Grass Is Always Greener1950producer
Snow Carnival1949producer
Horse and Buggy Days1949producer
So You're Having In-Law Trouble1949producer
Down the Nile1949producer
So You Want to Be a Muscle Man1949producer
Cradle of the Republic1949producer
Warner Bros. Sports Parade 5507: English Outings1949producer
Sport of Millions1949producer
Treachery Rides the Trail1949producer
Heart of Paris1949producer
So You Want to Be Popular1949producer
So You Want to Be a Baby Sitter1949producer
Camera Angles1948producer
Cinderella Horse1948producer
Princely India1948producer
Bannister's Bantering Babies1948producer
Jungle Man Killers1948producer
So You Want to Be in Politics1948producer
The Man from New Orleans1948producer
Let's Sing Grandfather's Favorites1948producer
Let's Sing a Song from the Movies1948producer
So You Want to Be a Detective1948producer
So You Want to Build a House1948producer
Let's Sing a Stephen Foster Song1948producer
So You Want to Be a Gambler1948producer
Let's Sing a Song About the Moonlight1948producer
So You Want an Apartment1948producer
Let's Sing an Old Time Song1947producer
So You Want to Hold Your Wife1947producer
Let's Sing a Song of the West1947producer
So You Want to Be a Salesman1947producer
King of the Carnival1947producer
A Day at the Fair1947/IIproducer
Hollywood Wonderland1947producer
Soap Box Derby1947producer
So You're Going on a Vacation1947producer
A Day at Hollywood Park1947producer
So You Want to Be in Pictures1947producer
Beautiful Bali1947producer
So You're Going to Be a Father1947producer
Stan Kenton and His Orchestra1947producer
Battle of the Champs1947producer
Let's Go Swimming1947producer
Sunset in the Pacific1946producer
So You Think You're a Nervous Wreck1946producer
A Boy and His Dog1946producer
So You Want to Keep Your Hair1946producer
All Aboard1946producer
Desi Arnaz and His Orchestra1946producer
So You Want to Play the Horses1946producer
Okay for Sound1946producer
Adventures in South America1946producer
The Riding Hannefords1946producer
Underwater Spearfishing1946producer
Dixieland Jamboree1946producer
Facing Your Danger1946producer
Smart as a Fox1946producer
Rhythm on Ice1946producer
Gem of the Ocean1946producer
Jan Savitt and His Band1946producer
Movieland Magic1946producer
Headline Bands1946producer
The Forest Commandos1946producer
Cavalcade of Archery1946producer
Barber Shop Ballads1945producer
Hawaiian Memories1945producer
Musical Mexico1945producer
Spade Cooley Band1945producer
Are Animals Actors?1945producer
Days of '761945producer
Music of the Americas1945producer
Frontier Days1945producer
So You Think You're Allergic1945producer
Fashions for Tomorrow1945producer
All Star Musical Revue1945producer
Story of a Dog1945producer
Star in the Night1945producer
Musical Novelties1945producer
Here Come the Navy Bands1945producer
Spade Cooley: King of Western Swing1945producer
Orders from Tokyo1945producer
America the Beautiful1945producer
Coney Island Honeymoon1945producer
Mexican Sea Sports1945producer
Plantation Melodies1945producer
Circus Band1945producer
It Happened in Springfield1945producer
Law of the Badlands1945producer
Rhythm of the Rhumba1945producer
Report from the Front1944producer
I Am an American1944producer
I Won't Play1944producer
Proudly We Serve1944producer
The Battle for the Marianas1944producer
Musical Movieland1944producer
Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys1944producer
Devil Boats1944producer
Baa, Baa, Blacksheep1944producer
Junior Jive Bombers1944producer
Songs of the Range1944producer
Trial by Trigger1944producer
The Road to Victory1944producer
Jammin' the Blues1944producer
Wells Fargo Days1944producer
South American Sway1944producer
Roaring Guns1944producer
Gun to Gun1944producer
The United States Army Band1943producer
The United States Navy Band1943producer
The Voice That Thrilled the World1943producer
Over the Wall1943producer
Freddie Fisher and His Band1943producer
Food and Magic1943producer
Wagon Wheels West1943producer
Cavalcade of Dance1943producer
Women at War1943producer
Bees A'Buzzin'1943producer
Oklahoma Outlaws1943producer
Dude Ranch Buckaroos1943producer
Mechanized Patrolling1943producer
All Star Melody Masters1943producer
The All American Bands1943producer
Three Cheers for the Girls1943producer
The Rear Gunner1943producer
Army Show1943producer
Our African Frontier1943producer
A Ship Is Born1942producer
The United States Army Air Force Band1942producer
So You Think You Need Glasses1942producer
Vaudeville Days1942producer
So You Want to Give Up Smoking1942producer
The United States Marine Band1942producer
Beyond the Line of Duty1942producer
Divide and Conquer1942producer
Argentine Horses1942producer
Men of the Sky1942producer
March On, America!1942producer
Spanish Fiesta1942producer
California Junior Symphony1942producer
Shoot Yourself Some Golf1942producer
Soldiers in White1942producer
Calling All Girls1942producer
Carl Hoff and His Orchestra1942producer
Forty Boys and a Song1941producer
The Gay Parisian1941producer
At the Stroke of Twelve1941producer
Water Sports1941producer
Carioca Serenaders1941producer
Perils of the Jungle1941producer
The Tanks Are Coming1941producer
University of Southern California Band and Glee Club1941producer
Minstrel Days1941producer
Carnival of Rhythm1941producer
Lions for Sale1941producer
Here Comes the Cavalry1941producer
Big Bill Tilden1941producer
Marie Green and Her Merry Men1941producer
Freddie Martin and His Orchestra1941producer
Jan Garber and His Orchestra1941producer
Henry Busse and His Orchestra1940producer
Diary of a Racing Pigeon1940producer
Joe Reichman and His Orchestra1940producer
The Flag of Humanity1940producer
Just a Cute Kid1940producer
Matty Malneck and His Orchestra1940producer
Pony Express Days1940producer
Dogs You Seldom See1940producer
Cinderella's Feller1940producer
The Singing Dude1940producer
Alice in Movieland1940producer
Teddy the Rough Rider1940producer
American Saddle Horses1939producer
Rubinoff and His Violin1939producer
Ride, Cowboy, Ride1939producer
The Bill of Rights1939producer
Quiet, Please1939producer
Sons of Liberty1939producer
The Man Who Dared1939producer
Vitaphone Pictorial Revue (Series 2) #121938producer
Sons of the Plains1938producer
Vitaphone Pictorial Revue (Series 2) #71938producer
Prairie Thunder1937producer
Empty Holsters1937producer
Blazing Sixes1937producer
The Romance of Robert Burns1937producer
The Making of a Great Motion Picture1936producer
The Sunday Round-Up1936producer
Captain Blood1935producer
Morocco Nights1934producer
Sweet Adeline1934assistant_director
Twenty Million Sweethearts1934assistant_director
Footlight Parade1933assistant_director
Tugboat Annie1933assistant_director
Private Detective 621933assistant_director
Picture Snatcher1933assistant_director
42nd Street1933assistant_director
Five Star Final1931assistant_director
Outward Bound1930assistant_director
General Crack1929assistant_director
On with the Show!1929assistant_director
Glorious Betsy1928assistant_director
The Crimson City1928assistant_director
The Silver Slave1927assistant_director
The Jazz Singer1927assistant_director
Old San Francisco1927assistant_director
Irish Hearts1927assistant_director
The Beloved Rogue1927assistant_director
When a Man Loves1927assistant_director
Don Juan1926assistant_director
Bobbed Hair1925assistant_director
Satan in Sables1925assistant_director
Prudence, the Pirate1916assistant_director
The Shine Girl1916assistant_director
Cruise of the Zaca1952production_manager
So You Want to Be a Paper Hanger1951production_manager
So You Want to Hold Your Husband1950production_manager
So You Think You're Not Guilty1950production_manager
So You Want to Throw a Party1950production_manager
So You Want to Be an Actor1949production_manager
So You Want to Get Rich Quick1949production_manager
So You Want to Be on the Radio1948production_manager
Calgary Stampede1948production_manager
Hitler Lives1945production_manager
The Devil's Saddle Legion1937production_manager
The Song of the Heart1915actor
When Vice Shuddered1914actor
The Deadline1914/IIactor
Old Jackson's Girl1914actor
Beating Back1914actor
Horse and Buggy Days1949director
Sunset in the Pacific1946director
Flivver Flying1945director
The Battle for the Marianas1944director
Cavalcade of the Academy Awards1940miscellaneous
Cavalcade of the Academy Awards1940self

Gordon Hollingshead Popularity

* 60 is AGE #65
* 1892 is the Birth Year #221
* 01 is the Birth Month #1611
* 08 is the BirthDay #1858
* Garfield is the birth Place #2528
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Gordon Hollingshead Net worth

Check how rich is Gordon Hollingshead in 2020? also latest information on Gordon Hollingshead cars, Gordon Hollingshead income, remuneration, lifestyle.Based on Online sources ( Wikipedia,google Search,Yahoo search) Gordon Hollingshead estimated net worth is $ USD 4 Mil and Primary income from film producer,actor,film director. We don’t have enough evidences on Gordon Hollingshead cars, Gordon Hollingshead lifestyle. We will update these information soon.

Gordon Hollingshead Home town

Gordon Hollingshead hometown is Garfield.
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Facts About Gordon Hollingshead

Gordon Hollingshead Age as of 2020 is 60
Awards Received by Gordon Hollingshead:Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film, Two-Reel,Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film, Two-Reel,Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film, Two-Reel,Academy Award for Best Live Acti.
Gordon Hollingshead Place of Birth is Garfield.