Unsolved Mysteries season 1, episode 1

  • Mystery on the Rooptop


    The Rivera family members talk about how Rey’s marriage with his spouse was the most happy moment of their life. Allison does not understand the reason why he vanished — the authorities claim he murdered him self by leaping off the ceiling but yet the family members will not trust just that.

    The family members express information on how joyful he seemed to be and at all times seen the enjoyment in all the things — his fantasy was to be a publisher and movie director. He had a very best friend known as Porter who desired to job along with him — Rey had taken a publishing work for this finance document underneath Porter. The family members relocated to Baltimore in 2004 with an awesome residence and local community. Unsolved Mysteries, season 1, episode 1, “Mystery on the Rooftop”, gives on the strange disappearance of Rey Rivera and the misunderstandings and unhappiness it caused with the family members.

    Some day in 2006, Allison could not get in contact with Rey Rivera. A coworker stated he got a mobile call and hurried away. It was suspicious that he faded and out there of the ordinary. Family members come together over a few days to attempt and get him.

    Ultimately, Rey’s mother and father locate the car. The car got a infringement so they understood it was there for 6 nights. Somebody then found out a ditch in the roof top of the Belvedere Motel. The police force identified the human body at the bottom part of the ditch. The loved ones was emaciated.

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    While 8 nights had surpassed, almost all of the body decomposed — he got plenty of accidental injuries, cuts, cracked bone fragments. The problem is, “Exactly how did he make it through the ditch?”. The very first speculation is that he droped or hopped from the top jump and struck the low roof. The detectives are not convinced that speculation. Other possibilities listed that he hopped through the Eleventh level from the corner. The ditch was a suspense.

    They locate Rey’s mobile phone and spectacles — no affect to both of them. It all appeared staged. It was also unusual how no-one seen this occured. The cams on the roof were not operating and the cams in the motel could not monitor Rey on the time of day. Nothing accumulates in Unsolved Mysteries, season 1, episode 1, “Mystery on the Rooftop”, relating to Rey Rivera’s disappearance; and there’s obviously even more to this.

    The police force figured out it to be committing suicide with small facts. They locate a note from Rey — it was a extremely uncommon note and it skipped considerable individuals. Among the outlines was from a Freemason’s speech — Rey was in to all those types of topics. The FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION stated the note does not have taking once life intention.

    On a day of the disappearance, Rey Rivera appeared to be in a very rush. A mobile call captured him by shock but they could not obtain the cell phone data. Porter, his closest friend, put a fun order on all his workers so no-one could speak to all of them, which usually dubious. Porter also rejected to be questioned with this documentary. Prior to the nighttime he vanished, the home security alarm went off and Rey was afraid. Some thing was stressing him. Allison feels Rey was killed for obtaining info and posting information and facts in the document that harm him. Even today, the disappearance of Rey always haunts the family members.

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