Badhaai Ho Movie Review

  • MOVIE NAMEBadhaai Ho
    DIRECTORAmit Ravindrenath Sharma
    PRODUCERVineet Jain
    WRITERShanatanu Srivastava 
    MUSICTanishk Bagchi
    EDITOR Akiv Ali
    RELEASE_DATEOctober 18, 2018
    HEROAyushmann Khurrana
    HEROINESanya Malhotra
    GENREComedy, Drama


    Nakul is far from thrilled when his parents of the middle ages report an early pregnancy .. The situation is not only a little uncomfortable for him, but also a risk of public confusion. Can he deal with the strange plight in which his family has fallen?


    A mid-aged couple is suddenly getting pregnant with Priyamvada Kaushik (Neena Gupta) and Jeetender Kaushik (Gajraj Rao). The couple from a middle-class family begins to feel aware of the pregnancy when they become a social speaker. Yeah bhi koi mummy papa ke karne cheez hai? Even their sons Nakul (AyushmannKhurrana) and Gullar (Shardul Rana) fight the scenario they're in, because they...


    Nakul is a 25-year old worker and is in steady contact with his colleague, Renee (Sanya Malhotra). She has been working for several years. She enjoys him and approves their relationships with his mother Sangeeta (Sheeba Chaddha). The middle-ages person who works on the railways is his dad Jeetender Kaushik (Gajraj Rao). He is a typical housewife of his mother Priyamvada (Neena Gupta). He's a high school student with his younger brother Gullar. He always quarrels with Priyamvada, his grandma (Surekha Sikri) and dominates her son Jeetu. One day, she taunts the upsetting Priyamvada. Jeetu is consoling and getting close his spouse. She realizes she is pregnant 19 weeks later. She finds abortion to the child sinful. Third pregnancy for Jeetu announces for the family of Priyamvada. Both children become embarrassed and avoid their parents, friends, and society. Your grandmother is shocked and angry. The news ends up viral and they are ridiculed by family, companions, relatives, and society. Nakul starts to evade Renee. Jeetu and Priyamvada ask Nakul and Gullar to go with them to Meerut for their cousin's wedding. Them two deny by rationalizing. This makes Jeetu irate at them and he leaves with his better half and mother. In the mean time, Renee offers a room date to brighten Nakul up. In any case, he is unfit to get private with her as it helps him to remember his mother's pregnancy. Sangeeta becomes acquainted with about Nakul's mother's pregnancy from Renee. She is stunned and talks sick about the Kaushik family. Nakul catches this and carries on impolitely with Sangeeta, and says a final farewell to Renee. The elder sister of Kaushik (Alka Amin) and sister (Alka Kaushal) are hard talking with Priyamvada for their late pregnancy in Meerut & Muzaffarnagar. Firstly, his mom defends his lady because of her dedication and makes her become aware of her egotism and her mean attitude toward her.Gullar uncovers to Nakul that some young men ridiculed his mother's pregnancy at school and when he reacted to them, one of them hit him. Nakul goes to the school the following day and Gullar slaps the kid thrice. Nakul meets possess companions and when one of them insults him, he gives a befitting answer. He accommodates with his folks and starts to satisfy his obligations as a child. Priyamvada understands that Nakul has said a final farewell to Renee, and she guides him to apologize to Renee's mom. Nakul reluctantly concurs. Priyamvada goes to work and is immediately taken to hospital as the baby shower preparations start. Sangeeta informs Renee of the apology of Nakul, and also of Nakul's forgiveness. Renee goes to the home of Nakul and the hospital. The doctor will announce the birth of a girl after the delivery.


    Badhai ho is an out and out comedy entertainer which keeps you laughig until the climax of the film.
    PLUSPOINTSStory, comedy

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