Game Over Movie Review

  • MOVIE NAMEGame over
    DIRECTOR Ashwin Saravanan
    PRODUCERS. Sashikanth
    WRITERKavya Ramkumar
    MUSIC Ron Ethan Yohaan
    EDITOR Richard Kevin
    RELEASE_DATEJune 14, 2019
    HEROINETaapsee Pannu
    SUPPORTINGCAST Anish Kuruvilla
    PLAY BACK SINGERSRon Ethan Yohaan
    GENREDrama, Thriller


    As the news of a serial murderer on the loose sends out the town, a young lady with PTSD feels a weird presence around her. Are they waiting for a terrible destiny?


    The video game developer Swapna(Taapsee) is mostly home based. The moment she receives a tattoo on her side, her life shifts upside down. She begins to have strange dreams and is targeted by some bad invaders who are trying to kill her at home. Who are these individuals? Who are these individuals? What's all about the dreams? And how is Taapsee going to combat its inner and external issues?


    The film opens with a lady being fiercely killed and news reports demonstrating how this is only the start of a stunning sequential homicides. We are then acquainted with Swapna, an eager gamer who is likewise scared of the dim. Her nyctophobia is first activated by an individual catastrophe that happened only a year prior, and unfit to deal with it, she closes herself to the world, to her folks, and remains with her guardian, Kalamma. The main thing that props her up is her affection for gaming, and the one thing she needs to do is beat her very own score in Pac-Man. In any case, her life changes after she discovers that the ink that was utilized to make the tattoo on her wrist contains a more peculiar young lady's slag, and that her dull past has caused issues down the road for her. Things possibly intensify when she turns into the objective of the sequential executioner. Will Swapna have the option to beat life unexpectedly? Or then again would one say one is life unreasonably little for her to crush the devils?


    The best psychological thriller films of recent times. Taosee acting is plus point for this film.
    PLUSPOINTSStory, Tapsee acting

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