Mausam Ikrar Ke Do Pal Pyar Ke Movie Review

  • MOVIE NAMEMausam Ikrar Ke Do Pal Pyar Ke
    DIRECTORPartho Ghosh
    PRODUCERManju Bharti
    CINEMATOGRAPHEGanesh Acharya
    MUSICBappi Lahiri
    EDITOR Manoj Sanklu
    RELEASE_DATENovember 2, 2018
    HEROMukesh J Bharti
    HEROINEMadalsa Sharma
    PRODUCTION COMPANIESViivek Films Production House
    GENRERomantic, Drama


    A love affair becomes sad, when the parents of the girl discover that they're long in hostility against the dad of the boy.


    For his greater studies, Mar goes down to Moradabad. He meets an accident and breaks his hand while traveling to college. Anjali, a girl from the same school, goes to his rescue, brings him home, and meets her family until his injury recovers him completely. Soon, he gets back to his house in Moradabad and moves back to it. While she's been in love with Amar, Anjali realizes. She faces Amar's refusal and is heartbreaking when she professes her love of him. Anjali's father gets to understand Amar and chooses to persuade her daughter. Amar agrees to marry Anjali to Anjali's surprise. This tale turns out that Amar is the son of his school enemy, when Anjali's dad discovers. Is Anjali and Amar going to get married? Will Anjali's dad drop the university's rivalry?


    It is a tale of love from Amar (Mukesh J Bharti) to Anjali (Madalsa Sharma). Amar comes to Paris to Moradabad to study, while he is in an accident and splits his hand on his manner to college. When Anjali understands he's new in the town, she provides him assistance to take him back and introduces him to his mother and his dad. After a conversation they learn that Amar is admitted to Anjali's college. They start to study together and become friends slowly, with time passing by Anjali falling in love with Amar but Amar doesn't have these emotions. Friend Dhirendra, an ACP friend of Raj, attempts to persuade him to marry his son at Anjali. Amar returns to his house after healing his hand, Anajali begins to be missing and feels a vacuum, and she offers him. Amar refuses to break her heart with Anjali's proposition. As her father Raj learns that Anjali loves Amar, since he met him, he is pleased that he has liked Amar. Raj met Amar later, and persuaded him to marry Anjali. He takes the suggestion and informs his mother to take a wedding flight from Paris to Moradabad. Upon the arrival of commitment Raj discovers that Amar is the child of a foe back in school, he promptly cancels the commitment and fixes Anjali's marriage with the Dhirendra's child. On the state of Anjali's mother Madhu, Amar flees with Anjali. Police gets Amar and Anjali and put him behind the bars. Anjali is pressurized to get hitched to Dhirendra's child. Anjali reveals to them that she will get hitched in the event that they discharge Amar from prison. Police drops Amar home and undermines him and his mother to leave the city at the soonest. Anjali prepares for the marriage while Amar and his mother head towards the air terminal. Amar gets off the vehicle and begins running so as to meet Anjali in the in the mean time Madhu attempts to cause Raj to comprehend that he is fouling up with his little girl. Raj comes to understand his slip-up and join Anjali and Amar.


    This film has a very average kind of story and unimpressive songs

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