Pihu Movie Review

    DIRECTORVinod Kapri
    PRODUCERRonnie Screwvala
    WRITERVinod Kapri
    MUSICVishal Khurana
    EDITOR Irene Dhar Malik
    RELEASE_DATESeptember 16, 2018
    HEROINEPrerna Sharma
    SUPPORTINGCASTMyra Vishwakarma
    PLAY BACK SINGERSVishal Khurana
    GENREDrama, Thriller


    Pihu is a 2-year-old girl, trapped in an apartment on a film based on real occurrences. It's a thriller that's emotional and surely intriguing to viewers.


    After a tragic event, Pihu (Myra Vishwakarma), two-year-old, is all trapped on herself in a apartment. She has very little food, very little water, because she is cut off outside from the world, too. Pihu needs to survive in these dire circumstances, and her daily ordeal forms the heart of the story.


    The film begins the day after Pihu's second birthday party (Myra Vishwakarma). Her mother Pooja (Prerna Sharma), she wakes and discovers that she does not wake up. Her dad, Gaurav, left for a meeting to Kolkatha (Rahul Bagga, voice only). But she doesn't wake up, causing her to weep. She feels hungry, and tries to wake up her mom. Her mom committs suicide after a ghastly battle with her dad and her face and hands are wounded demonstrating abusive behavior at home. Gaurav had arrived behind schedule for Pihu's birthday party which made Pooja irate. Additionally, she believes that her significant other is taking part in an extramarital entanglements with her companion, Meera, which exasperates their battle. She murders herself because of the residential issues, leaving a suicide note on the room reflect, saying that she would've executed Pihu as well, yet couldn't force herself to do it. Gaurav constantly endeavors to call Pooja, yet to no reaction. Pihu figures out how to get the telephone however her dad can't comprehend what Pihu needs to state, requesting to address Pooja. Gaurav says that he has left the iron exchanged on and requests that her turn it off in light of the fact that Pihu may contact it. Soon after, Pihu consumes her fingers. She additionally nearly shocks herself with uncovered wires, consumes two rotis in the microwave and on the stove, turns on the fountain, which following a couple of hours detonates, causing an enormous blast that worries different occupants of the condo square and she holds tight the gallery railing so as to get her fallen doll. Fortunately, a woman sees Pihu hanging perilously and convinces her to get down. The faucet water floods and even leaves the fundamental entryway. Neighbors see the water, yet they think the proprietors are on vacation. Gaurav calls on various occasions all through the motion picture, and it is found that he went to Kolkata for a meeting. After his gathering, when Pihu discloses to him that Pooja has been resting throughout the day, he understands something isn't right and leaves Kolkata quickly so as to return home. Pihu eats the remains from the gathering, alongside few of her mom's resting pills, making her nod off. During the night, the neighbors see the smoke leaving the house and are attempting to break in the house. In the meantime, Gaurav gets back home and discovers his better half dead and Pihu playing with her squares, beneath her bed. The film closes with Gaurav grieving the loss of his significant other in the consumed condo, while Pihu requesting that her father wake up her mother.


    This unusual thriller has all the elements you would expect from a film and with some nail bitig scenes.

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