Thugs of Hindostan Movie Review

  • MOVIE NAMEThugs of Hindostan
    DIRECTORVijay Krishna Acharya
    PRODUCERAditya Chopra
    WRITERVijay Krishna Acharya
    EDITOR Ritesh Soni
    RELEASE_DATEDecember 28, 2018
    HEROAamir Khan
    HEROINEKatrina Kaif
    SUPPORTINGCASTAmitabh Bachchan
    GENREAction, Adventure, Drama



    Following the takeover of the Kingdom (Ronit Roy) by Official Clive (Lloyd Owen), Princess Zafira (Fatima Sana Shaikh) and Mr Khudabaksh aka Azaad (Amitabh Bachhan), the British company formed a group of pirates, who swore to derail and regain their liberation. In exchange, the British Company hires the wily-thug Firangi (Aamir Khan) to monitor and tamper with Azaad's gang.


    King Mirza Sikander Baig was murdered by John Clive in 1795, when the Indian subcontinent was known as Hindustan or Hindostan. His Kingdom inhabitants are massacred and the East India Company has annexed the territory. His sister, Zafira Baig, and general Khudabaksh are the only survivors. The retreating enemy troops were defeated by Khudabaksh and Zafira as his daughter raised, training her in the war. Years later, Khudaksh, now called the Azaad, led an Indian band known as the Thugs, which specializes in maritime warfare and exposes an increasing British East India Company to a severe challenge. John Clive is alarmed by the growing threat from the Thuges and assigns his right. The Britons are hiring Firangi Mallah (Aamir Khan), a good-for-all, tiny Thug who makes his living by robbing the needed accessories. He appears in front of Azaad, requesting shelter for him. Azaad agrees, and Firangi becomes a company routine informant. He finds consolation with Suraiyya, a dancer. Firangi himself wants to be an Englishman, and in many situations he thus dresses up as one. Whenever Azaad and his men make a stop to get black powder rifles from a neighborhood ruler who supports their motivation, Firangi deceives them and gives the East India A chance to organization think about their area. At the point when the powers of the East India Company encompass the stockroom where they are meeting with the ruler, Azaad lets Firangi realize that he knows Firangi has sold him out however despite everything he accepts that Firangi has some great in him. After a short duel, Azaad is going to tumble to his passing when Firangi spares him. Azaad sees that Firangi is clashed with his emotions about working for the East India Company and requests that he help with his motivation. Azaad then requests that he take care of Zafira and afterward forfeits himself by facing the East India Company powers alone so that Firangi and Zafira can get away. Azaad and Zafira fought the British and found themselves numerous and their ranks were drowned during their final meeting with the British in an abandoned fort. Firangi and his friends unexpectedly transform the battle tide. Clive is defeated by Zafira and justice is served. Azaad looks to heaven and understands that the infertile earth has brought forth fruit, which suggests that Firangi became now a great empathic person.


    Thugs of Hindustan is a full package of action adventure
    MINUSPOINTSSlow narration.

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