Anandi Gopal Movie Review

  • MOVIE NAMEAnandi Gopal
    DIRECTORSameer Vidwans
    PRODUCERKishor Arora | Akash Chawla | Shareen Mantri Kedia | Arunava Sengupta
    WRITERKaran Shrikant Sharma
    EDITOR Charu Shree Roy
    RELEASE_DATEFebruary 15, 2019
    HEROLalit Prabhakar
    HEROINEBhagyashree Milind
    SUPPORTINGCASTSonia Albizuri,Kshitee Jog,Yogesh Soman


    The Marathi film, which stars child actor Bhagyashree Milind as Anandibai and Lalit Prabhakar as Gopalrao Joshee, covers the story from their marriage, the ups and downs in their journey in India and Anandi’s travel to the US and her studies at the medical college.


    Biopic of one of the earliest Indian female physicians Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi.


    In times when, at almost every forum and podium, gender equality and feminism are raised, a couple in the 1800s practiced and fought for these very ideas. Anandi Gopal is more of a love story than a biopic of a husband's struggle to educate his wife and her response to becoming the first Indian Female Doctor.
    A widowed Gopalrao Joshi is a well educated man during British era.He gets proposal of marrying a young girl Yamuna,they get married and she is renamed as Anandi and her husband only priority is she should get well educated which is against society.When Anandi fails to to learn Gopalrao leaves her with parents and returns after few months in that period Anandi starts to learn basic education when Gopalrao returns he is happy to see what Anandi has learned.Anandi gives birth to a baby who passes away soon and she decides that she will take good education and become a Doctor to save lives of other people.


    The story of this brief but extraordinary life, Anandi's story and her "eccentric" husband, who went against family, society, and financial pressure to take the banned journey to "Christian land" and accomplish what the couple desperately wanted, attracted storytellers ' attention. There are two biographies, including Healy Dall's published two years after Anandi's death in 1886, a novel and a play depicting her journey's fictionalized versions. Now, with the directorial venture of Sameer Vidwans, Anandi Gopal, the story will make its silver screen debut.
    The Marathi film, which stars child actor Bhagyashree Milind as Anandibai and Lalit Prabhakar as Gopalrao Joshee, covers the story from their marriage, the ups and downs in their journey in India and Anandi’s travel to the US and her studies at the medical college.Vidwans says that the short life that Anandibai lived was full of events and drama even before she left for the US. Gopal worked in the postal department and was transferred often; hence the couple had to travel and shift towns several times. She was born in Pune, grew up in Kalyan and then shifted to Kolhapur after her marriage. The couple then lived in various cities including Alibaug, Kutch, Serampore and Calcutta. In each of these cities, they faced many troubles as Gopal insisted that his wife is educated.
    “I was very interested in the way their relationship changed over the years. When they got married, he became her parent, looking after her and educating her. As she grew into a young woman, they became lovers, and with her education and growth as a person, they bonded as friends. I have tried to portray this delicate equation between them,” said Vidwans, who started his career as a theater director and later shifted to cinema after doing a course in screenwriting from Film and Television Institute of India.
    He says that finding locations that would suit the 19th century setting of the film required a lot of research and legwork. The team also had to research other aspects such as language as well as songs, clothing and especially, the lighting as the film is set in pre-electricity period when houses were lit with oil lamps.We shot the film at 10-12 different locations in India. The US scenes were taken in Georgia. Considering that the Marathi used at that time was very different to today’s, we decided to have a mix of the two so as to avoid a disconnect with the modern audiences,” said Vidwans.
    While it’s quite imaginable the kind of struggle that Anandi and Gopal faced while taking the bold step, Vidwans said that he considered that conveying the “inner struggle” of the two while fighting the external world as an important challenge for the film.“It’s true that she died at the cusp of starting her career for which she and her husband fought an obsessive battle. But despite her young death, she inspired many other woman to take up the profession such as Rukhmabai who became a doctor in 1894,” said Vidwans.
    PLUSPOINTSActing, Story Making was good
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