Mumbai Apli Ahe Movie Review

  • MOVIE NAMEMumbai Apli Ahe
    DIRECTORBharat Sunanda
    PRODUCERSurekha Vaman Patil
    WRITERVinod Jadhav (screenplay) | Bharat Sunanda
    CINEMATOGRAPHEShekhar Nagarkar | Satish Sista
    EDITOR Ajay Naik
    RELEASE_DATEJanuary 11, 2019
    HEROYogita Chavan,Ganesh Khade
    SUPPORTINGCASTIqbal Khan,Arun Nalawade,Suhas Palshikar


    Set in the 90's Mumbai, it revolves around Raja who begins growing up as a small criminal becomes a notorious donation in the city.


    The movie is directed by Bharat Shripat Sunanda and featured Kishori Shahane Vij, Ganesh Khade, Iqbal Khan and Arun Nalawade as lead characters. Other popular actors who were roped in for Mumbai Apli Ahe are Rakesh Bapat and Suhas Palshikar


    The film is set in the Mumbai of the 90s and revolves around the then underworld scenario.Raja (Raqesh Bapat), who starts as petty criminal grows up to become a notorious don in the city. this movie draws influence from the life of a well-known underworld don from Mumbai. Raja, though a criminal, is a messiah for the people of his chawl and its neighbouring areas. He is their Robin Hood who takes on people troubling the poor and needy. His love life, crimes and other incidents form the central plot of this film.


    A tattoo on his palm signifying the urge to rule Mumbai and the air of arrogance, as soon as the movie begins, the sketch of the lead character is established. The movie doesn't pick up pace after that, though.This film, set in the 90s, draws influence from Mumbai's life of a well-known underworld don. Raja, though a criminal, is a messiah to his chawl people and their neighborhoods. He is their Robin Hood who takes on the troubled and needy people. The central plot of this film is his love life, crimes and other incidents.andFilms inspired by criminals and crimes are plenty, especially when we speak of the Mumbai underworld. So, conceptually, Mumbai Apli Aahe has nothing new to offer. It could've worked with a brilliant execution, but this one merely becomes a series of events arranged in a linear sequence. After a certain point, the narrative becomes repetitive, making the viewer lose interest. On the acting front, Raqesh Bapat fails in giving a consistent performance. His efforts of keeping a composed and serious demeanour are unconvincing. Arun Nalawade as a police official gives a stellar performance and so does Kishori Sahane Vij. Although her role is limited in the first half.
    If you found the trailer of this film to be convincing, think again. This one is a predictable outing and can be given a miss.
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