Wedding Cha Shinema Movie Review

  • MOVIE NAMEWedding Cha Shinema
    DIRECTORSaleel Kulkarni
    PRODUCERSanjay Chhabria | Daidipya Ghodnadikar | Devendra Ghodnadikar | Saleel Kulkarni
    WRITERNihar Shantanu Bhave (dialogue) | Saleel Kulkarni (story and screenplay)
    EDITOR Abhijit Deshpande | Abhijit Deshpande
    RELEASE_DATEApril 12, 2019
    HEROShivraj Waichal
    HEROINERucha Inamdar
    SUPPORTINGCASTMukta Barve,Purnima Ahire,Adesh Aware


    Saleel Kulkarni has succeeded in delivering a complete package to the viewers in his directorial debut. The characters are well-written and related.


    a glimpse of most adventurous journey called 'Marriage'.


    Urvi, a short filmmaker, gets the opportunity to shoot a Pre wedding shoot accompanied by her camera man, Mrs. Prakash, runs one of the largest mobile shops in Saswad, and Pari from Mumbai works as an intern Doctor in Saswad will soon be married. Urvi's job is to capture all the great moments from both families and to shuffle between Saswad and Mumbai. But she realizes things she's running away from during this Pre wedding shoot. Where as Prakash and Pari get confused about how they're going to move on with their relationship at one point a few days before their wedding.


    Director Dr. Saleel Kulkarni presents a pleasant film with lovable characters that feed the energy of each other to give a frothy quality to the film. In the first few minutes, Mak's dialog is delivered hilariously, setting the tone for a fun movie, "What kind of pari[ angel] draws blood." Even conflicts are handled slightly, which is a welcome move. Wedding Cha Shinema does not have any unique characters or sequences out of the box. But this exploration of pre-wedding films ' contemporary concept, coupled with the hustle-bustle of wedding ceremonies and preparations, makes the film pleasant.
    The setting is dreamy, undisturbed, and maybe that's why it works well. While in Saswad, Pari (Rucha Inamdar), the only child of a doctor's couple (Sunil Barve and Ashwini Kalsekar), falls in love with Prakash (Shivraj Waichal) who owns a local mobile store. Within the first few minutes of the film, their marriage is fixed and the families are planning a pre-wedding shoot in accordance with contemporary traditions.
    Enter a cameraman (Bhau Kadam) and a choreographer (Tyagraj Khadilkar) with Urvi and her team. As the wedding soiree and this team work together, the story unfolds in layers, the first being the journey of the couple toward the wedding, followed by an exploration of the personal life of Urvi and one of the world of Pari's parents. Saleel Kulkarni was able to deliver a complete package to the viewers in his directorial debut. The characters are well-written and related. Even though all the actors perform well, a special mention goes out to Pravin Tarde, who attempts the role of the friend of the groom, and to Sankarshan, who plays the elder brother of Shivraj.
    Mukta, Shivaji and the lead couple - Rucha and Shivraj, have performed sincerely and do well in their respective roles. All in all, it's a light-hearted movie that you can relate to.
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