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  • Chandabababu was the Indian politiciann who, as leader of Télugu Desam Party (TDP), was chief minister (leader) of the State of Andhra Pradesh (1995,2004 and 2014–) in south-east India, and was a prominent national figure in Indian politics, Chandra Babu born 20 April 1950, Naravaripalli, near Tirupati, India.

    In the small village near Tirupati in south-eástern Andhra Pradesh, Naidu was born to the family of farmers. During his student days at Tiropati University, where he received his bachelor’s in 1972, he was initiated into Politics and he continued his graduate studies at the major University.

    He studied for his postgraduate studies. During the time of emergency rule imposed by then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, he served as the local youth chairman of that party, he had been a member of the Indian National Congress (Conference Party). He then stopped studying politics. He finished his studies.

    In 1978, Naidu ran for and was elected to the state legislatures of Andhra Pradesh to become a confidant in Sanjay Gandhi, Indira’s eldest son. He was also a minister in the cabinet during his tenure (1980–83). Throughout this period, he married Nandamuri’s daughter, Taraka Rama Rao (NTR), the superstar of telugu-language films and the founder of TDP. In the TDP sweep of state elections in 1983, Naidu lost his bid for the assembly to be re-elected and joined the new party.

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