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  • What do my cosmetic surgery patients want?

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    What do my cosmetic surgery patients want? To look better in selfies.

    Younger patients self-diagnose “flaws” that often aren’t flaws at all.

    By Daria Hamrah

    Daria Hamrah is a facial cosmetic surgeon at Nova Surgicare in McLean, Va.

    March 13, 2019 at 12:12 PM EDT

    Ten years ago, a typical patient at my plastic surgery clinic in McLean, Va., was 47 or 48. She (about 80 percent are women) generally wanted to look like a younger version of herself, or else she wanted the best version of her basic appearance. This might mean a face or neck lift, eyelid lifts, a brow lift, a skin-resurfacing procedure or Botox injections. “What do you recommend?” she’d ask. This is the kind of work I got into my profession expecting to do, and these are the consultations I expected to give.

    Today, my average patient, according to my office records, is 38 or 39. She’ll come in fixated on a specific “flaw” and often knows exactly what procedure she wants. Her nose is crooked, she’s sure, or her chin is too small (or large), or her eyebrows appear “droopy.” “I need a tip-plasty,” she will say — rhinoplasty for the end of the nose. And these patients are much less realistic about what I can achieve. They will ask for Kim Kardashian’s nose, even if their facial structure looks nothing like hers.

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