Tips to Create a Promo Video

  • 7 Tips to Create a Cheap Promo Video

    1. Set the correct metrics

    When analyzing video’s performance, the most common (and often the only) metric is the number of views. But it is clearly not enough, because videos are created for different purposes, and the assessment should be carried out depending on the degree of their achievement.

    So, if a promo campaign is created to increase brand awareness, then the number of views is really very important. But you should also consider the percentage of unique viewers, the number of likes and dislikes, the growth of brand awareness and overall reception of a promo. If the goal of the video is to engage the audience, then completely different metrics work here, such as the ratio of views to likes and dislikes, viewing time.

    To evaluate the effectiveness of conversion videos, the purpose of which is to increase the number of leads and sales, metrics are used that are not directly related to the views and other parameters of the video (clicks on the links in the video and its description, traffic, registrations, sales, etc.). Internet video, in contrast to advertising on TV, allows you to get all the necessary information online.

    2. Reach goals in small steps

    Launching promo videos is tricky. If you are concerned with promo video pricing – your budget is an issue, you don’t have enough time to create videos, there are no free artists, etc. Do not try to cover everything all at once. For example, if you have ready-made TV commercials, use them to advertise your product on YouTube, and eventually create the right ones for online promotion. Make the most of available resources and opportunities. Transfer the presentation of your product to the video format or make a screencast with an overview of the work of your service.

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    Another problem is a disappointment after the first failures. If it seems to you that each created video should become viral, and the number of subscribers on the channel should grow in proportion to the number of videos, then you should reconsider your expectations. The reality is that not all videos can get viral, and it takes time to understand what the audience likes. Create videos regularly, test different formats, promote them with the help of video blogging ads, and, in time, you will achieve your goals.

    3. Take into account long-term trends

    If you are not sure about the choice of topics and video formats, give preference to long-term trends. This is a more robust strategy. You can distinguish a long-term trend from a short-term trend using the Google Trends service – just enter the phrases of interest and compare the dynamics of search queries.

    4. Appreciate the time (not only your own but the viewer’s time as well)

    Not only do you experience a shortage of time – but your potential customers are also constantly faced with it as well. Often they watch the video on the fly, wanting to quickly get the information they need.

    In this situation, they will definitely not watch a long commercial but will skip it after 5 seconds. But the 6-second pop-up ad at the beginning of the video cannot be skipped, and contact with a representative of the target audience is guaranteed. When a user is comfortably sitting in the evening on the couch to watch their favorite show, the likelihood is that they will watch a 30-second ad rises significantly.

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    Internet video allows you to fine-tune the duration of ads depending on the situation in which they are most likely to be viewed. Thus, it is possible to take into account the characteristics of the audience and convey your marketing messages to the audience.

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