Dev 2 Movie Review

  • MOVIE NAMEDevi 2
    DIRECTORA.L. Vijay
    PRODUCERK. Ganesh
    WRITERA.L. Vijay
    MUSICSam C. S.
    EDITOR Anthony
    RELEASE_DATEMay 31, 2019
    RUNNING_TIME125 min
    HEROPrabhu Deva
    HEROINETamannaah Bhatia
    SUPPORTINGCASTNandita Shwetha
    PRODUCTION COMPANIESPrabhudheva Studios
    GENREComedy, Horror


    A doting woman is struggling to save her husband who is possessed by two spirits.


    Again "Possessive" spirits who simply refuse to leave are troubled in Krishna and Devi's husband-wife duo! Things wind away when Krishna's not one but two ghosts is possessed! But what are they after? What are they after? Will Devi succeed in stopping and saving her husband?


    The film begins where Krishna (Prabhu Deva) and his significant other Devi (Tamannaah) touching base in Mauritius for Krishna's work leaving their little girl with Devi's folks. As the story moves,Devi meets with Lawyer Lalitha (Kovai Sarala). They progressed toward becoming companions that night. Krishna awakens and shuts the entryway which was open yet it opens again all of a sudden. Next, Devi ends up suspicious of Krishna in light of the fact that an associate embraced him. She makes this as an issue and request that he guarantee on their girl's photograph to which he says it's causal here and does not overemphasize it. Again amidst the night, Krishna awakens and shuts the entryway however the entryway abruptly opens after he left. Next day,Devi sees Krishna with Sarah (Nandita Swetha). Devi again ended up suspicious of Krishna and gets some information about it yet he answered that it was another person and he was at his office and if there is any uncertainty about him she can visit him in his office. Following day was their big day yet Krishna appears to have overlooked it so Devi was irate and didn't give him lunch.
    On his way to his office,Krishna experiences a group who caution him not to pursue Sarah. After sometime,Lalitha persuades Devi so the two of them went to his office where Krishna wasn't there on their way they again spot Krishna(who communicates in Telugu) with Eesha (Dimple Hayathi).Lalitha watches Krishna goes behind a young lady since devi doesn't possess energy for him after their child birth so devi wears current dress to inspire him yet he watches it as ruby(from past film).However Krishna discovers it is devi and reveals to her that he like devi as she is and cherish her just and no lady will be a major part of his life aside from her and guarantee on her little girl photograph. The couple following day go out as it was Sunday where Krishna goes to purchase frozen yogurt yet all of a sudden devi sees him with Sarah again the group come to beat him however he escapes and is seen with Eesha . The possesses endeavors to beat him yet Krishna picked up the high ground . While running behind a group part .Krishna comes behind devi with frozen yogurt .devi chooses to discover what is the riddle .next scene is that devi pursues Sarah where it is demonstrated she is in band whose head is rudra (Ajmal Ameer) devi pursues her where she comes to think about Alex who adores Sarah kicked the bucket next we see devi is talking with Eesha father she discovers that ranga reddy an individual who needed to wed Eesha however passed on in an auto crash. Again we see entryway is opened Krishna closes it yet devi who was still stirred tails him and says Alex he come and afterward calls ranga reddy .devi becames panicked .
    Next morning devi asks krishna to critically leave Mauritius as her mother was wiped out however it was reverse discharges. The two phantom made a concurrence with her and as lalitha as the observer. The two apparition state that they picked Krishna due to ruby proposal (The agreement is same as the principal film). On the primary day both Alex and ranga have him which makes a perplexity so devi made another understanding which expresses that from 9 am to 3pm alex can utilize him and 3pm tp 9pm ranga can utilize him and when both of their young ladies who they attempt to charm say "I cherish you "they need to disregard him and Sundays are occasion . Furthermore, we come to realize that there is show occurring on Monday. So devi and lalitha help the apparition to charm their young ladies separately by concocting stories that they were similar young ladies whom his sibling cherished and he is currently rationally unsteady on the grounds that both their darlings passed on and request that the young ladies state I adore you so he can come back to his typical state . Finally the young ladies choose to state it however then . Ganesh(RJ Balaji) comes and demolishes everything. Following day was Sunday when the couple when out they see Eesha and Sarah conversing with Krishna .where the young ladies discover that Krishna is a not an insane individual and has been deceiving them .befuddled Krishna goes to his home with devi where they are grabbed and it is uncovered that rudra is behind it and he needed to wed them two for their cash and he killed both ranga and Alex . Alex then escapes and attempts to execute rudra devi endeavors to stop him. Parallely lalitha meets Eesha and request that her state I cherish you and rudra meets sarah and says I adore you. On the way to kill rudra devi begs him to whom Alex pushes her, and Rj Khanna lifts her up suddenly, it reveals he's the chief guest and suddenly, the first film he shoots with Krishna when she shouts he's going to shoot him. Angrily raj follows Krishna to shoot him. Both of the ladies Eesha say they don't love Krishna, only ranga, and Sarah still loves Alex. But Krishna's rudra spots Krishna and Raj both follow Krishna to kill him but, instead of Krishna and Krishna, mistakenly shoots Rudra. In the final scene, we can see that both of them are leaving Mauritius.


    Thus comedy thriller is wortj watchable . Prabhudeva acting and dance perforance are sextremely awsome.
    MINUSPOINTSRoutine kind of story comparing to previous part.
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