Monster Movie Review

  • MOVIE NAMEMonster
    GopinathNelson Venkatesan
    WRITERSankar Dass
    MUSICJustin Prabhakaran
    EDITOR V.J. Sabu Joseph
    RELEASE_DATEMay 16, 2019
    RUNNING_TIME139 min
    HEROS.J. Surya
    HEROINEPriya Bhavani Shankar
    PLAY BACK SINGERSJustin Prabhakaran
    PRODUCTION COMPANIESDream Warrior Pictures 
    GENREComedy, Drama, Family


    Anjanam Azhagiya Pillai is looking for good things; he has just got a wedding day and is prepared to occupy the newly purchased apartment. But Anjanam feels that he isn't alone in the new apartment. In the shadows lurking there is an intruder-and it's a rat! Everything begins from here downhill for Anjanam when the rodent turns into the source of all his troubles! Can this little monster escape the scourge?


    Anjanam faces numerous rejects in the love life as he lives in a rental home and also tenancy problems. He is looking forward to peace and buys his own house, which gives his life's love to him. But it doesn't remain long because in the house there is a fresh problem. The tale of this fictitious comedy is whether he can marry his friend and live quietly in his home.


    The things that we learn from young people sometimes leave a permanent impression. That is what it is like with Anjanam Azhagiya Pillai (SJ Suryah), who gets the message of compassion from an elder and follows Vallalar's teaching in his lives. Years later, Pillai is now an electricity engineer and it is this sympathetic characteristic that makes his life better and worse. Meghala (Priya Bhavani Shankar) is the nice thing to do. When Pillai and her friends visit her location in search of an alliance, she fails to turn up after getting cold. But she reaches out to him for excuses and is forced to see his kindness. The poor thing happens in the form of a rat–a rodent with a highly determined attitude towards the rusk on which Pillai eats. It becomes a nightmare and the freshly buyed flat a battlefield. He attempts in no way to get rid of it. In the meantime, the prior occupant of the apartment is a passenger that cleverly covered in a rusk some precious diamonds and wishes to collect them poorly.


    Monster is a very good entertainer especially for kids and family audiences.
    PLUSPOINTSStory, Comedy

    Monster Full Movie Download: supports no piracy at all. Indeed, it is illegal to download Monster Movie from any website. It is also considered to be piracy and is illegal according to the law of Indian Copy Right.

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    Watch Monster Movie Online:
    Monster movie will be broadcasted in TV around Aug/Sep. Wait till that time if you want to see these Movie. You have other options too like Amazon prime. Hotstar.

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