NOTA Movie Review

    DIRECTORAnand Shankar
    PRODUCERK. E. Gnanavel Raja
    WRITERShan Karuppusamy
    CINEMATOGRAPHESanthana Krishnan 
    MUSICSam C. S.
    EDITOR Raymond Derrick Crasta
    RELEASE_DATEOctober 5, 2018
    HEROVijay Devarakomda
    HEROINEMehreen Pirzada
    GENREDrama, Thriller


    Vasudev is the chief minister of Telangana State, and in cases of disproportionate assets is charged with corruption. As a result, Varun (Vijay Deverakonda) chooses to create a short CM interim for his son, Varun, until he proves innocent. But he is found guilty by the tribunal and sentenced to five years ' imprisonment. Although Varun originally refuses to step into the shoes of his father, he remains unchanged. Varun takes his work seriously as a violent event that costs a young girl her life.


    Suddenly, after his dad resigns to bribery allegations, a scrupulous party leader Varun is appointed chief minister. With zero political knowledge or a tendency to work, Varun is required to be a stupid CM until his dad is clear. Things are not on schedule, and Varun quickly realizes he has been holding the chair of the CM for longer than he assumed.


    Varun Subramanyam (Vijay Deverakonda) is a computer game fashioner living in the UK. He is the child of Vinodhan Subramanyam (Nassar), the present Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. At the point when results make Vinodhan leave his post, he chooses to pass it on to Varun, who is visiting Chennai for his birthday to be commended in the halfway house which he runs and furthermore to see his little relative. Presently being made the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Varun, who has no clue pretty much this, acknowledges for it, gave that his dad will be out in about fourteen days and he being stayed as house capture. Nonetheless, Varun really does nothing aside from play computer games in his room. Lamentably, outcomes turn plates adversely to Vinodhan who is condemned to jail. After Vinodhan gets captured, riots occur in the city. In the mobs, a transport gets singed in which a little student passes on in the flame. Varun, who was out to meet his master Mahendran (Sathyaraj), goes to the spot where the transport was singed. He asks Mahendran to meet him at the spot. He is grief stricken after observing the howls of the young lady's mom. He at that point understands the significance of his position and stops the uproars, by undermining, in a prompt press meeting on the mishap spot. Tragically, this isn't loved by the resistance driven by Varadarajan (K. S. G. Venkatesh). Varun then picks up the name "Rambunctious CM" given by the resistance subsequent to being ridiculed as "Sham CM". This episode clears route for Varun to pick up help. On the opposite side, Vinodhan thinks the motivation behind why he passed on the post to his child reason was because of the guidance of a swamiji who anticipated that there is a danger to Vinodhan's position and that he needs to leave, while the position must be taken up by somebody of his own bloodline. Vinodhan questions if Varun is his own child since years back, Varun's mom understood that Vinodhan was an acclaimed on-screen character around then and was going behind her back with other co-on-screen characters. During a warmed contention, she discloses to him that she may likewise be undermining him, which incenses him, and he nearly stifles her to death. The following day she is discovered dead, having taken 23 dozing pills. In this way, Vinodhan never found the solution if Varun was ever his child. Additionally, because of unexpected overwhelming precipitation, a dam was required to be opened without earlier notice opening. The dam opens, along these lines murdering numerous lives. It worked out that the authorities were sitting tight for the CM's structure. Varun taunts them by instructing them to hold up until Vinodhan is discharged from prison, however he later he acts quickly, making mindfulness and requesting that the adolescents help; in this manner, when the dam was opened, it just demolished properties yet not lives. Additionally, Mahendran converses with Varun and his girl Swathi (Mehreen Pirzada) about his first love, which was broken because of his companion's narrow-mindedness. At the point when Varun represents the post as CM, a video of him which was took before that made them kiss an outsider in a club gathering is discharged, yet in actuality, he was tranquilized by the resistance. Varun cunningly demonstrates his innocence with the assistance of chief A. R. Murugadoss. Additionally, the outsider reveals to him that she is an entertainer who joined Varun to complete a short film. In the interim, Vinodhan is assaulted in a bomb impact by some mysterious men and gets conceded in the medical clinic, which leads him into a state of unconsciousness. Presently, since Varun needs to accept the duty as the CM, he experiences his dad's things, wherein he finds a journal with codes and financial balances. Varun comes to realize that the case that his dad was battling for included a property of 10,000 crores. He, alongside his companion Wong (Priyadarshi Pullikonda), examines about it. Varun sends Wong to Panama to hack the record of the phony proprietors of the property and move the cash to his record. Vinodhan, hearing his little girl Narmada (Arputha) conversing with his second-spouse about Varun winning the brief race and the decisive victory of the financial balances, awakens from his unconsciousness and requests Varun. Along these lines, when he visits, Vinodhan acts in an approach to pick up his child's pity. Accepting this, he tells it to Mahendran, to which he answers that his dad was an on-screen character and there is yet to come. Then, a chain of occasions start to occur: Swathi is met with a mishap; Wong winds up being gotten in Panama however by one way or another breaks; and the outsider ends it all and accuses Varun, who is looked by the police to be captured, yet Varun, with the assistance of the Varadarajan's little girl Kayal (Sanchana Natarajan), remains in her home, where treatment is given to Swathi. Presently, the craftiness Vinodhan reports one of his goons as the CM rather than Bhai (M S Baskar) a very well-experienced companion of his. Vinothan and his companion at that point have a warmed contention. Varun, who has hacked the CCTV film of the clinic, calls and advises his dad's companion to advise the supporters to vote in favor of him since he has all the cash of his gathering's devotees. It is additionally demonstrated that the swamiji indoctrinated Vinodhan for a $20,000,000 bargain. Varun wins, and Mahendran informs him that before they got married, he loved the wife of Vinodhan, but Vinodhan breaks her connection to marry Mahendran's wealth lover. He doesn't meet her after that, Vinodhan acknowledges. He said that Varun was his son and nobody else's. It was Varun himself. Vinodhan understands his error and asks Varun to excuse him. Varun then pursues his obligation as CM, deciding to bring about many changes in the State and to win the following election by real people instead of bribing them.


    Vasudev is Chief Minister of the state Telangana , he unfortunately stucks in the case of corruption then he decides to make his son Varun as the Interim CM. Due to some issue in the state Varun takes his job seriously and then story takes lots of turns.
    MINUSPOINTSLagging Screenplay

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