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  • Star Alex (@star.alex @whosstaralex)
    Born in New York, New York

    Fashion model, and social media personality. Star’s Instagram began taking off around a year ago, and she is new to tiktok and has already amassed tens of thousands of followers on there as well. Star is a known petite model, who has been going against social norms in the modeling industry, and on social media she is known for giving advice and insight into psychological topics, relationships, and the law of attraction.


    Star was born in New York and she has two younger brothers. She has been acting and modeling for twelve years. Star began her fame on an app called “gifboom” where she was followed by celebrities such as Sarah Hyland, Madison Beer, and Parker Kit Hill. Now, star has recently began influencing on instagram, and now tiktok as well. She uses her platform to speak out about social issues, and injustices, and uses her platform to spread positive messages to her audience.

    “Before Fame”:

    Aside from modeling, and influencing on social media, Star is a full time student, attending law school. She graduated college with a psychology degree, and is now hoping to go into criminal law. She has began writing a few novels as well. She started modeling for local businesses when she was young, and began appearing on billboards and in various magazines including Girl’s Life Magazine, and New York magazine. Star has also appeared on amazon, and other massive websites for her modeling work. Her content began to catch attention on social media, and last summer she began recieving interviews about being a petite model shaping the modeling industry. Star was featured on fox, abc, nbc, google news, msnbc, and more.

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    Trivia: what was the first magazine star appeared in? Girl’s life
    Trivia: what brand was the first brand that star modeled for? Lester’s NYC
    Trivia: which app was Star first famous on? Gifboom

    Family life: Star has two younger siblings, and is the oldest of all her cousins on both sides. Star is currently single, and has no children.

    Associated with: Jake Levy, Violet Summersby, Chunkysdead, Adrian Oritz, Gabe Escobar, Kyle Colver, Claraandherself, Anna Sitar, Hannah Montoya, Sofiastillspams, Raphael Say, Edward Bayer, and Eric Ho

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