Jersey Movie Review

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    Title: Jersey
    Zoner: Emotional Sports Drama
    Cast: Nani, Shraddha Srinath,Sathyaraj and others
    Music: Anirudh Ravichander
    Director: Gautham Tinnunni
    Producer: Surya Deva Nagavanshi

    From the day it was launched, Nani was super confident about Jersey. This film, directed by Gautam Tinnanuri, has hit today’s screens.




    Arjun(Nani) is a former Ranji player with his wife Sara(Shraddha Srinath) and son
    Nani leading a depressed life.Sara and especially his son, who at a crucial moment edges Arjun to do something in life and become his real life hero, do not go well with this life style of his.The rest of the story is how Arjun changes his lifestyle and embraces cricket back and for many it becomes an inspiration

    Performances by Artistes: 

    Nani has undoubtedly given his best performance.It’s a mature acting.A failed cricketer’s internal turmoil, a penniless father’s helplessness, and the struggle with all the problems … Nani perfectly portrayed them.He’s also quite credible in a cricketer’s jersey.He’s been carrying the mood from beginning to end.
    In addition to cricket and feelings, this is also a movie driven by performances and Nani is leading from the front.As his wife, Shraddha Srinath also performed competently. Her role is not glamorous. She’s well pulled it off.
    Sathya Raj is excellent as the coach of Nani. Sathya Raj becomes more involved after Nani. Kid Ronit is cute and gives expressions that are touching. Sampath is clean as a coach.
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    Plus Points:

    Jersey is a movie that has some of the best recent performances. Each character in the movie is so well enacted that throughout the movie you get carried away with all the emotions.

    When he does related roles, Nani is loved by one and all and the same happens in Jersey. He gives the best performance of his career as Arjun and drains you throughout the film emotionally. The pain he displays is amazing. Whether it’s the scenes he goes to the railway station and brings out his joy after being selected or the way he handles scenes with the Jersey related to his son, Nani was exceptional and gave an award-winning performance.

    Minus Points: 

    The film’s length is a tad long and the film can be trimmed for at least 8 to 10 minutes. The second half of the film is also good, but when the cricket is shown it becomes a bit predictable. Routine cricket scenes somewhat lower the pace.

    Technical Anlaysis :

    The tunes of Anirudh Ravichander are not that catchy, but his work in the department of BG is an enormous asset. Shanu’s filmmaking is top-class. He has a realistic way of filming cricket matches.

    The values of art work and production are fantastic. There are fantastic dialogues. The writing of the screenplay is excellent.


    Jersey as a whole is a realistic sports drama that emotionally moves you. Once again, Nani proves what an actor he is and takes the movie to higher heights hands-on. Realistic narrative, related characters, great performances and, above all, honest emotions will heavy your heart. If you ignore the slightly slow pace, one and all will love this movie and make a great watch as honest movies like Jersey rarely come along. Watch it faultlessly.

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    Rating : 3.5/4

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