Nagma Mirajkar Age, Height, Weight & Bio

  • Nagma Mirajkar is a popular and young Indian Tik Tok superstar who is also known as a style diva on Instagram.

    Apart from being one of the most popular young female crowned musers from India, Nagma Mirajkar is also a fashion blogger whose fashion tips and dressing style are copied by millions of her female fans all over India and around the world as well.

    Although Nagma Mirajkar studied and graduated with a degree in commerce and later did her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) before joining to work with a leading hospital in Mumbai, when she began getting compliments as she started to appear in Awez Darbar’s Tik Tik videos, Nagma Mirajkar started her own account and today has millions of fans and hearts to her credit.

    About Nagma Mirajkar


    Real NameNagma Mirajkar
    Date of Birth24th January 1992
    Place of Birth
    Graduated with a Masters in Business Administration Degree

    Physical Stats

    5 ft 4"
    (164 cm) approximately
    110 lbs
    (50 kg)
    Hair Color
    Eye ColorBlack



    Tik Tok Muser/Instagram Style Icon/Fashion Blogger
    Tik Tok ID
    YouTube IDNagma Mirajkar
    Instagram IDnagmamirajkar
    Facebook IDNagma Mirajkar
    Subscribers/Followers/Fans (approximate)TIK TOK - 4.5 Million fans

    INSTAGRAM - 615,000 followers

    FACEBOOK - 395 Followers

    YOUTUBE - 129 Subscribers

    TWITTER - 1,110 Followers
    Views/Likes/Hearts (approximate)TIK TOK - 66.1 Million Hearts

    FACEBOOK - 377 Likes

    YOUTUBE - 18,500 Views

    TWITTER - 710 Likes
    HobbiesLoves dancing and modeling
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    Nagma Mirajkar is one of the most popular Tik Tok stars from India who is also renowned to be a style diva and fashion blogger too. Nagma Mirajkar is a Crowned Muser and has millions of followers and fans on her Tik Tik and Instagram account, making her one of the most popular and young female style celebrities from India.

    Nagma Mirajkar’s age is around 32, as Nagma Mirajkar was born on the 24th of January, 1992, in Bangalore, however Nagma Mirajkar currently lives in Mumbai. Nagma Mirajkar’s height is around 5 ft 4 inches (164 cm) while Nagma Mirajkar’s weight is around 50 kg (110 lbs). In her spare time Nagma Mirajkar loves listening to music, dancing and lists modeling as being part of her hobbies.

    There is currently not much known about Nagma Mirajkar’s family and Nagma Mirajkar’s relationship status although Nagma Mirajkar is rumored to be dating popular Tik Tik star Awez Darbar.

    Nagma Mirajkar’s popularity can be easily estimated with Nagma Mirajkar’s Tik Tok following which is around 4.5 Million Tik Tok fans, Nagma Mirajkar’s 615,000 Instagram followers, Nagma Mirajkar’s 395 Facebook followers, Nagma Mirajkar’s 129 YouTube subscribers and Nagma Mirajkar’s 1,100 Twitter followers.

    Nagma Mirajkar’s talent can also be measured with Nagma Mirajkar’s 66.1 Million Tik Tik Hearts, Nagma Mirajkar’s 377 Facebook likes, Nagma Mirajkar’s 18,500 YouTube views on her videos and Nagma Mirajkar’s 710 Twitter likes as well.

    Interesting Facts About Nagma Mirajkar

    • Nagma Mirajkar is a teetotaler which means that Nagma Mirajkar is a non-smoker and Nagma Mirajkar also does not drink alcohol.
    • Nagma Mirajkar is close friends with popular stars from India, including Aashika Bhatia, Awez Darbar and his sister Anam Darbar.
    • Nagma Mirajkar performed live at the 1st Muser Concert, held in Kolkata in 2017, along with other popular Tik Tok stars, such as Aashika Bhatia and Awez Darbar.

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