Heer Naik Age, Height, Weight, Family & Bio

  • Heer Naik is a young and popular Indian Musical.ly star as well as a famous female Indian YouTube personality as well.

    Heer Naik initially rose to popularity with her YouTube channel where she posted comedy skits, reaction videos, DIY videos and other entertainment-based videos.

    Recently, Heer Naik rose to fame with her incredible performance on the globally popular Tik Tok mobile app.

    Although born and brought up in India Heer Naik currently lives in Texas, USA and has performed for Musical.ly videos with numerous popular American Tik Tok stars.

    About Heer Naik


    Real NameHeer Naik
    Date of Birth5th July 1999
    Place of Birth

    Physical Stats

    5 ft 4"
    (164 cm) approximately
    110 lbs
    (50 kg)
    Hair Color
    Eye ColorBlack


    FatherKalpesh Naik
    MotherHemali Naik
    BrotherJatan Naik (Older)


    Tik Tok Muser/YouTuber/Instagram Personality
    Tik Tok ID
    YouTube PageHeer Naik
    Instagram Profileheer.naik
    Facebook PageHeer Naik
    Twitter HandleHeer Naik
    Subscribers/Followers/Fans (approximate)TIK TOK - 225 fans

    INSTAGRAM - 171,000 followers

    FACEBOOK - 2,260 followers

    YOUTUBE - 31,300 subscribers

    TWITTER - 820 followers
    Views/Likes/Hearts (approximate)TIK TOK - 78 Hearts

    FACEBOOK - 2,170 Likes

    YOUTUBE - 790,700 Views

    TWITTER - 4,700 Likes
    HobbiesLoves dancing and acting

    Heer Naik is a very young but highly popular female Indian Tik Tok star who has become one of the most famous Musical.ly sensations today. Apart from being a top Tik Tik superstar Heer Naik is also a popular personality on YouTube where her videos include funny skits, dances and other generally entertaining stuff.

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    Heer Naik’s age is around 25, as Heer Naik was born on the 5th of July, 1999 in Surat, Gujarat. Heer Naik’s height is around 5 ft 4 inches (164 cm) while Heer Naik’s weight is estimated around 50 kg (110 lbs). In her spare time, loves to dance and lists acting as being part of her hobbies.

    Heer Naik’s father is Kalpesh Naik, an entrepreneur by profession, while Heer Naik’s mother is Hemali Naik, who is a school teacher by profession. Heer Naik is the second child to her parents. Although Heer Naik does not have any sisters, Heer Naik’s older brother is Jatan Naik, who is an engineer by profession. Heer Naik is not in any relationship hence Heer Naik is single.

    Being a popular young social media icon, Heer Naik has tens of thousands of views on her videos on YouTube and Tik Tik and these have earned her thousands of fans not only from India but also from across the world.

    Talking about her popularity, Heer Naik’s Tik Tok fans are around 225 fans, Heer Naik’s Facebook has over 2,260 followers, Heer Naik’s Instagram handle has over 171,000 followers, Heer Naik’s Twitter account has over 820 followers and Heer Naik’s YouTube channel has over 31,300 subscribers as of now.

    Heer Naik’s fame can be measured with Heer Naik’s 78 Tik Tok hearts, Heer Naik’s 2,170 Facebook likes, Heer Naik’s 4,700 Twitter likes and Heer Naik’s 790,700 YouTube views.

    Interesting Facts About Heer Naik

    • Heer Naik is a teetotaler which means that Heer Naik does not smoke and Heer Naik does not drink alcohol as well.
    • Although born in India, Heer Naik currently lives in Texas, US.
    • Heer Naik has performed popularly on American songs on Tik Tok which include “Strip That Down” by Quavo and songs by Liam Payne as well.
    • Heer Naik has also appeared with several other popular and young Indian Musical.ly artists till date.
    • Heer Naik’s Transitional Videos on Tik Tok have made her a superstar and earned her the Transition Badge on Musical.ly.

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