Awez Darbar Age, Height, Weight & Bio

  • Awez Darbar is one of the most popular male Tik Tok stars and YouTube personalities from India. Awez Darbar is also one of the most talented young choreographers from India.

    Apart from being a popular dancer and choreographer, Awez Darbar is also famous for his comedy skills and acting talent which he normally showcases on his account and YouTube channel.

    Currently, Awez Darbar is a Crowned Muser on Tik Tok and is seen in numerous popular videos with other famous Indian stars. Awez Darbar has a huge fan following with millions of views on his numerous Tik Tok and YouTube videos.

    About Awez Darbar


    Real NameAwez Darbar
    Date of Birth16th March 1993
    Place of Birth
    Studied at University of Mumbai

    Physical Stats

    5 ft 8"
    (176 cm) approximately
    128 lbs
    (58 kg)
    Hair Color
    Eye ColorBlack


    MotherFarzana Darbar
    SisterAnam Darbar (Younger)


    Indian YouTuber/Choreographer/Dancer/Tik Tok Muser
    Tik Tok ID
    YouTube IDAwez Darbar
    Instagram IDawez_darbar
    Facebook IDAwez Darbar
    Subscribers/Followers/Fans (approximate)TIK TOK - 4.8 Million fans

    INSTAGRAM - 670,000 followers

    FACEBOOK - 6,800 Followers

    YOUTUBE - 300,500 Subscribers
    Views/Likes/Hearts (approximate)TIK TOK - 89.3 Million Hearts

    FACEBOOK - 25,000 Likes

    YOUTUBE - 20.5 Million Views
    HobbiesLoves dancing
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    Awez Darbar is a young and highly talented dancer and celebrity choreographer who is most renowned as a Crowned Muser as well as a popular Indian YouTube personality. Awez Darbar has had a passion for dancing and began choreographing dance items for his college stage shows and today is a talented choreographer who works with the famed Shiamak Dawar dance institute as a teacher.

    Awez Darbar’s age is around 31, as Awez Darbar was born on the 16th of March, 1993 in Mumbai. Awez Darbar’s height is around 5 ft 8 inches (176 cm) while Awez Darbar’s weight is around 58 kg (128 lbs). In his spare time, Awez Darbar loves dancing and acting and lists these as part of his hobbies.

    Although we do not have information about Awez Darbar’s father however Awez Darbar’s mother is Farzana Darbar, who is a homemaker. Awez Darbar is the first out of two children to his parents and Awez Darbar’s younger sister is Anam Darbar. Awez Darbar is not in a relationship and Awez Darbar is single.

    Talking about his success as a YouTube personality, Tik Tik sensation and a celebrity choreographer from India, Awez Darbar has had millions of views on his videos and his YouTube videos have also drawn millions of views from this tens of thousands of fans, not only from India but also from abroad.

    Awez Darbar’s popularity can be clearly measured from his immense fan base. Awez Darbar’s Tik Tok fans number around 4.8 Million Tik Tok fans, Awez Darbar’s Facebook page has around 6,800 Facebook followers, Awez Darbar’s YouTube channel has over 300,500 YouTube subscribers and Awez Darbar’s Instagram account has an impressive 670,000 Instagram followers.

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    Awez Darbar’s talent can be measured with Awez Darbar’s 89.3 Million Tik Tok hearts, and Awez Darbar’s 25,000 Facebook likes and also with Awez Darbar’s YouTube channel getting over 20.5 Million views till date.

    Interesting Facts About Awez Darbar

    • Awez Darbar is a teetotaler which means that Awez Darbar does not smoke and Awez Darbar does not drink alcohol as well.
    • Awez Darbar is a truly celebrated and skilled choreographer and has collaborated with such big names as Ashika Bhatia, Mr. MNV and Unnati for his videos.
    • Awez Darbar has had the honor to perform at the famous KIKI.
    • Awez Darbar’s most famous dance moves are from his ‘Abuzada’ song video.


    1. Awez darbar os not single he is in relationship with nagma mirajkar. He is a son of great music composer Mr. Ismail darbar but parents are separated now.

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