Rampaat Movie Review


    DIRECTORRavi Jadhav
    PRODUCERMeghana Jadhav
    WRITERRavi Jadhav
    EDITOR Abhijit Deshpande
    RELEASE_DATEMay 17, 2019
    HEROAbhinay Berde
    HEROINEKashmira Pardesi
    INTRODUCTIONRampaat ' revolves around children who pursue their dreams with passion and energy. It gives the glimpse of wrestling boys that are full of fun in the background along with a foot-tapping rap. The filmmaker recently took his social media handle to reveal the identity of his lead star cast, where lead star Abhinay Berde will play a major role alongside Kashmira Pardeshi, who is set to make her debut with the film in Marathi cinema.
    SYNPOSISThe movie is directed by Ravi Jadhav and featured Abhinay Berde, Kushal Badrike, Kashmira Pardeshi and Abhijeet Chavan as lead characters.Other popular actors who were roped in for Rampaat is and Priya Berde
    STORYWe all have different dreams. But there are some larger-than-life dreams, which have no limits, and yet we continue to chase those dreams regardless of their relativity to the real life. One of the bigger-than-life dreams that today hypnotized countless young people is the' Stardom' dream!. And the youth today expect the same from their dreams in this age where everything is instantaneous and fleeting. Immediately, they want it, super-fast viz.Rampaat!! Mumbai being the' city of dreams,' the youth from different villages, cities, nooks, and crannies in India come to Mumbai to pursue this dream. But all it takes is that? Or does it require immense dedication, hard work and the right direction to make this dream come true? This is the portrayal of Rampaat. With the dream of Instant Stardom, earning fast money and making their parents proud-Mithun from Solapur and Munni from Kolhapur come to Mumbai and that's when their journey's bittersweet struggle begins to fulfill their dreams.This amusing journey teaches them to work harder and hustle for an 'All time hit' rather than a 'One-time hit ' Telling the youth their own story in an upbeat manner along with rhythmic music, the fast-moving story does justice to its title. Rampaat is the 70 mm projection of and for the young ambitious dreamers today.
    ANALYSISLike many young people, they are bitten by the film bug by Munni (Kashmira Pardeshi) and Mithun (Abhinay Berde) and dream of becoming top actors someday. But they realize just after their first audition in the city of dreams, Mumbai, how tough the task ahead will be. Are they going to continue or give up?Rampaat presents a clear and precise picture for those who harbor the notion that it is primarily luck that makes or breaks an actor. The sea of opportunities is enormous in an age when young people are willing to quash mediocrity and go the extra mile to do their best. This film very successfully drives the point home.
    Rampaat is a slang for super fast, and the film bases its premise on the obsession with getting it all fast, or in minutes, from the younger generation. Munni, a Kolhapur wrestler, and Mithun, the filmy son of a movie mother, have the same conviction that their very first audition would make them super stars. They soon realize, however, that they were conned, and whatever little money they had in Mumbai to sustain and thrive is gone. They run into Fatafat (Kushal Badrike), a photographer who is trying to click pictures of dejected actors, as they mull over their future course of action.
    Soon, Fatafat becomes their friend, philosopher and guide, sharing with these young people some pearls of wisdom he gathered in the film industry during his limited time. The central plot of Rampaat is whether or not Munni and Mithun make it in the industry.Ravi's films, whether Nude, Natarang or Balgandharva, always had a powerful script stamp and a stellar performance. Rampaat, however, is just a repackaged version of a subject that has been explored before. It misses the mark in totally holding your attention, but this one could be entertaining for the movie lot among you.
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