Sur Sapata Movie Review


    MOVIE NAMESur Sapata
    DIRECTORMangesh Kanthale 
    PRODUCERJayant Lade
    WRITERHimanshu Asher (presented by) , Arshad Kamal Khan (presented by) , Prakash Nathan (presented by) , Sanjay Patodia (presented by)
    MUSICAbhinay Jagtap
    EDITOR Ashish Mhatre , Apurva Motiwale
    RELEASE_DATEMarch 22, 2019
    HEROUpendra Limaye, Govind Namdeo, Pravin Tarde
    SUPPORTINGCASTHansraj Jagtap,Anand Ingale, Sanjay Jadhav,Bharat Ganeshpure
    GENREComedy, Drama, Sport


    INTRODUCTIONThe film is directed by Mangesh Kanthale and was featured as leading characters by Hansraj Jagtap, Yash Kulkarni, Chinmay Sant and Upendra Limaye. Govind Namdeo, Pravin Tarde, Anand Ingale and Bharat Ganeshpure are other popular actors involved in Sur Sapata.
    SYNPOSISIt is a motivational journey of boys from rural area to metro cities for playing their beloved sport KABADDI.
    STORYThis story is about young boys who have the ability to play KABADDI, but the society is against them, they have taken this as a challenge and their journey begins here. After facing hardship, boys went out of the box and were discouraged by their guru and parents to win people's hearts. Feel the thrill, motivation, entertainment, comedy, sportsmanship; come with your family and friends to watch the movie.The society and their parents were unable to bear the pressure and restrictions, and a group of young boys decided to take their passion for Kabaddi to a different level. A motivational journey of a group of boys breaking their rural boundaries for their beloved sport to face the challenges of the metro cities.
    ANALYSISThe school kids Tagya, Digya, Ismail, Purna, Jhampya, Parlya and Dnyana are keen to make the most of it when a rare opportunity comes knocking at their doorstep. When school authorities refuse to let them pursue their passion for kabaddi, however, they decide to find a way out. Kabaddi has gained popularity as a game due to multiple leagues and international matches. Because of the thrill and drama that goes into the game, it's the other' desi' sport after wrestling to have seen such success in the recent past. Sur Sapata tries to take advantage of that but fails to tap into the excitement that comes with the game.
    This story is of seven school students - Tagya, Digya, Ismail, Purna, Jhampya, Parlya and Dnyana. Though academics is not their forte, they are passionate about playing kabaddi. But when their school authorities refuse to fill out their application for the inter-school competitions, they decide to sneak in the office to steal the form and school stamp to make it possible. For what follows next, you need to watch the movie.
    The film's first half is too scattered and does not really focus on a specific storyline. At the same time, numerous plots are handled from the introduction of Upendra Limaye to the history of the school, the romance of children, etc., just losing the main focus. The second part attempts to justify all the first part's loopholes, but the damage has already been done by then. Sports films intend to end up becoming cliched and predictable. The same happens to this one, but then again, as long as the film reaches its climax and another climax and another climax, your mind has lost touch and interest.
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