Varun Vagish (Mountain Trekker) Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth & Bio

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    Varun Vagish is a popular Indian YouTuber who is most renowned for his travel-based YouTube channel ‘MOUNTAIN TREKKER’.

    Varun Vagish (Mountain Trekker) is an avid traveler and after having started exploring India Varun Vagish has made a mission to discover the unique stories within the heartland of India.

    Varun Vagish focuses on advising his viewers on how to plan the best budgeted trip to their dream destinations.

    Varun Vagish (Mountain Trekker) normally makes his YouTube video-blogs in Hindi so as to increase interest among his millions of viewers to take a trip in an inexpensive way.

    About Varun Vagish


    Real NameVarun Vagish
    Place of Birth
    New Delhi
    Graduate from Indian Institute of Mass Communication (New Delhi)

    Physical Stats

    5 ft 11"
    (180 cm) approximately
    68 to 70 KG
    Hair Color
    Eye ColorBrown


    Indian YouTuber
    YouTube Channel Name
    Mountain Trekker
    Net Worth INR 20,00,000
    (USD 28,000)
    Most Popular Videos
    See how Thai police treats an Indian tourist! (2.4 Million views), How to cross India-Bangladesh border from Akhaura/Agartala (443,000 views), When I Had a Narrow Escape: Hitchhiking in Austria (282,000 views), How to Plan a Europe Trip from India? (655,000 views), Bangkok Airport: No Money for Visa! What did I do then? (285,000 views), Visiting Myanmar Without Visa: A Day Trip to Tamu (117,000 views), Air Asia: India to Bangkok (4000 RS): Everything Recorded and Explained (551,000 views), Getting a Tourist SIM in Bangkok: Don't buy at the Airport (354,000 views), Indian met Russians: See what happened next! (357,000 views), Thai offers money to an Indian tourist: See Why! (460,000 views),
    First VideoHow to cross India-Bangladesh border from Akhaura/Agartala (31-03-2015)
    Subscribers (approximate)541,000
    Views (approximate)47 Million
    HobbiesLoves to drive cars and travel
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    Varun Vagish is a popular YouTuber from India who is most renowned for his numerous videos on YouTube helping Indians enjoy traveling to exotic and pristine destination in the most inexpensive way possible. Varun Vagish’s Hindi travelogues have helped him accumulate tens of thousands of subscribers to his channel and his video-blogs have gained millions of views till date.

    Varun Vagish, the Mountain Trekker, was born in New Delhi and has traveled to numerous places in India and abroad. Varun Vagish lived in Narora before moving to Tarapur and Mumbai in Maharashtra. Varun Vagish later shifted to Hyderabad in 1988 and moved to Rawatbhata in Kota (Rajasthan) in 1990. However, Varun Vagish lives in Asansol, West Bengal and has been living there since 2011. Varun Vagish’s height is around 5 ft 11 inches (180 cm) while Varun Vagish’s weight is around 68 to 70 KG. In his spare time, Varun Vagish loves to drive cars and lists traveling as his passion and as part of his hobbies.

    Till date, Varun Vagish’s YouTube channel ‘Mountain Trekker’ has garnered over 541,000 subscribers and his videos on his YouTube channel have gained over 47 Million views as well.

    Owing to his immense popularity, Varun Vagish’s (Mountain Trekker’s) net worth from his YouTube earnings is estimated to be around INR 20 lacs (USD 28,000).

    Interesting Facts About Varun Vagish

    • Varun Vagish is a teetotaler and does not smoke nor does he drink alcohol.
    • Varun Vagish (Mountain Trekker) is an avid traveller and has traveled to not only places in India, but also abroad including Austria, Thailand, Bangladesh, etc.
    • Varun Vagish once drove the Tata Nano and traveled from Asansol, West Bengal all the way to the base camp of the Siachen Glacier, more than 7,000 km away in just 20 days.
    • Varun Vagish (Mountain Trekker) earlier worked as a newsreader, journalist and PR professional before quitting his job and focusing on his YouTube channel in August of 2017.
    • Varun Vagish is best known for hitchhiking, making his videos not only informative but also entertaining as well.


    1. Hi,
      Dear Varun its Manish, I am currently in Jamaica.
      Wow man wow, your are real Gem person.
      I really admire your work and inspire from your profession.
      Your USA trip was very helpful for me.
      As I am working in a dutyfree diamond store. I always tell about you, that my cousin his name is Varun. He travels here and there. I show them your channel.
      Thank you so much for shiwing us what we cant see at this time.
      I am requesting you from last year July, that make some plan for Jamaica.
      Why can’t you even revert me?

      Thank you.
      Your younger brother,

    2. Hi,
      I love to watch your videos, you always concentrate on foreign countries except for your one video of Sikkim, now if it is possible please make a video on Assam & Meghalaya. I heard a lot about beautiful locations of the same state.

    3. Mr. Varun is just an amazing person.
      I’ve a dream to meet him one day and good to hear such amazing facts about such a good person.

    4. Bhai but your height is too less than 5’11 as it seems in the videos. I am your channel subscriber. I am also a traveller but not of your age, I am only 28. Hope I will also make good videos one day. Actually, I am a school teacher by profession, so need to accumulate more money for travelling. All the best bhai.

    5. I am so much inspired by you… I travel a lot. After your USA series which was Damm best, I applied for USA visa and got it. Now I am planning to go to Pakistan and thinking to launch youtube channel.

    6. Varun Sir…I can see the world with your eyes..aisa lagta hai ki main aapke sath hi ghum raha natural.

    7. Hi, Varun I am 63 yrs. old retired man. Being inspired by you, I have decided to travel to Russia alone. Will u guide me?

    8. Sir, aap ne meri asha jaga di. Mujhe bhi ghoomne ka bada shauk hai but itne mere pass paise nahi hain aur aap ko dekh kar USA main aisa lagta hai main bhi USA main hoon. Thanks sir.

    9. Hello, I am a subscriber of Mountain Trekker, I am following for two years.
      All content is good, but loved Russia and Turkey trip more!

      Passionate Traveller

    10. Hello Varun bhai.
      Bhai, give me your mob. no. or e-mail address.
      I want to become the 2nd Varun. One day I’ll become a big hitchhiker, like you.

      Waiting for your reply.

    11. Hello Varun dada, I am a fan of your channel. I have to say I got addicted to your channel. Keep doin’ your good work.. wish you all the best.. although I don’t support hitch-hiking, ‘cuz it can be dangerous some time… so I would suggest you to give us some tips on how to stay safe during travelling abroad… stay safe while you are out of the home, cheers!

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