Vimal Chintapatla Age, Height, Weight & Bio

  • Vimal Chintapatla is a highly popular YouTuber from India who is most renowned for his channel titled ‘Vimal Chintapatla’.

    Vimal Chintapatla’s YouTube channel ‘Vimal Chintapatla’ mainly showcases tech and gadget reviews, as well as essential life hack tips too.

    Apart from being an engineer by profession, Vimal Chintapatla is also an avid photographer and also loves anything to do with technology.

    Vimal Chintapatla’s YouTube channel has been subscribed by tens of thousands of viewers and he has gotten millions of views on his tech review and life hack videos till date.

    About Vimal Chintapatla


    Real NameVimal Chintapatla
    Date of Birth1st November 1996
    Place of Birth
    Bachelor of Engineering degree from Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology (Hyderabad)


    Srinivias Chintapatla
    (Government Employee)
    MotherPadma Srinivas
    SisterSheetal Chintapatla (Older)

    Physical Stats

    5 ft 8"
    (175 cm) approximately
    155 lbs
    (70 kg)
    Hair Color
    Eye ColorBrown


    Indian YouTuber
    YouTube Channel Name
    Vimal Chintapatla
    Most Popular Videos
    Giant Lens for your Smartphone!? (1.7 Millions views), How to Make A Speaker at Home - Very Easy! (1.3 Million views), Take DSLR Like Photos with Your Smartphone!! (1.1 Million views), World's Smallest and Cheapest DSLR Camera? (1.1 Million views), Fidget Spinner Does It Relieve Stress? (984,000 views), Cheapest 4K Android 6.0 TV Box Review (973,000 views), World's Most Powerful Flashlight with Single Battery (957,000 views), Shoot Cinematic Videos on Your Phone with Zhiyun Smooth Q 3-Axis Gimbal (937,000 views)
    First VideoHow to Make A Remote Control Car at Home - Very Easy! (29-04-2015)
    Subscribers (approximate)364,000 subscribers
    Views (approximate)44 Million views
    HobbiesLoves photography and collecting gadgets
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    Vimal Chintapatla is a highly-popular Indian YouTube personality who runs a YouTube channel ‘Vimal Chintapatla’, which is mainly focused on technology and photography. Vimal Chintapatla is one of the most popular tech and gadget reviewers from India presently active on YouTube and has received millions of views on his videos.

    Vimal Chintapatla’s age is around 26, as Vimal Chintapatla was born on the 1st of November, 1996 in Hyderabad. Vimal Chintapatla’s height is around 5 ft 8 inches (175 cm) while Vimal Chintapatla’s weight is around 70 kg (155 lbs). In his spare time, Vimal Chintapatla loves to collect the latest gadgets and also lists photography as being part of his hobbies.

    Vimal Chintapatla’s father is Srinivas Chintapatla, who works as a government employee, while Vimal Chintapatla’s mother is Padma Srinivas, a homemaker. Although Vimal Chintapatla does not have any brothers, Vimal Chintapatla’s older sister is Sheetal Chintapatla, who is also an engineer by profession.

    Vimal Chintapatla was born and brought up in Hyderabad and after studying in St. Anthony’s High School he went on to graduate from Narayana Junior College of Hyderabad before graduating from the Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology in 2017 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree.

    Vimal Chintapatla’s first YouTube video was ‘How to Make A Remote Control Car at Home – Very Easy! which was uploaded on the 29th of April, 2015 when Vimal Chintapatla was still studying engineering. However, thanks to his easy-going and straightforward videos, Vimal Chintapatla’s popularity has grown considerably online.

    Vimal Chintapatla’s channel subscribers are currently around 364,000 with Vimal Chintapatla’s video-views being well over 44 Million views and counting.

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    Interesting Facts About Vimal Chintapatla

    • Vimal Chintapatla is a teetotaler and does not smoke nor does Vimal Chintapatla drink alcohol.
    • Vimal Chintapatla studied, and passed from the prestigious St. Anthony’s High School, situated in Huntington, New York (U.S.A.).
    • Vimal Chintapatla is an avid tech enthusiast and is passionate about collecting and reviewing the latest in consumer electronics, such as smartphones, cameras, etc.
    • Vimal Chintapatla is also a skilled photographer whose talent is showcased in many of his beautifully-crafted videos and pictures on his YouTube channel ‘Vimal Chintapatla’.

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