Billy Burke Age, Height, Weight, ex-Wife, Net Worth & Bio

  • Billy Burke is a popular actor from the Hollywood movie industry, and has appeared in several popular TV shows in the American TV industry as well.

    Billy Burke is best known for his role as Sheriff Charlie Swan in the super hit ‘Twilight’ movie series.

    Apart from this, Billy Burke has portrayed some of the most memorable characters in popular American TV series and movies, ranging from spoofs and comedy movies to thrillers and action roles.

    Although Billy Burke has not managed to win a significant acting award till date, Billy Burke does have 1 award nomination to his credit.


    About Billy Burke


    Real NameWilliam Albert Burke
    Date of Birth25th November 1966
    Place of Birth
    Everett (Washington)
    High School Graduate

    Physical Stats

    6 ft 2"
    (188 cm) approximately
    175 lbs
    (80 kg)
    Hair Color
    Eye ColorBrown

    Family & Relationships

    Marital StatusDivorced
    ex-WifePollyanna Rose


    Net Worth INR 35,00,00,000
    (USD 5 Million)
    Famous for
    MOVIES -

    Daredreamer (1990), To Cross the Rubicon (1991), Without Limits, Mafia! (1998), Dill Scallion (1999), The Independent (2000), Along Came a Spider, After Image (2001), Lost Junction (2003), Ladder 49 (2004), Fracture, Forfeit, Three Days to Vegas (2007), Twilight, The Grift, Untraceable (2008), The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Luster (2009), The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010), Drive Angry, Red Riding Hood, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-1 (2011), The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-2 (2012), Angels in Stardust, Highland Park (2013), Divine Access (2015), Lights Out (2016), Good After Bad (2017), Breaking In (2018)


    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - "Second Skin" (1994), Vanishing Son - "Sweet Sixteen" (1995), Party of Five - "Poor Substitutes (1996), Marshal Law (1996), Gone in the Night (1996), VR 5 - "Parallel Lives" (1997), Wonderland (2000), Final Jeopardy (2001), Flashpoint (2002), 24 (2002-2003), Gilmore Girls (2003), The Jury (2004), Monk - "Mr. Monk and the T.V. Star" (2004), Law & Order - "Charity Case" (2007), Backyard & Bullets (2007), My Boys (2008-2009), The Closer (2009-2012), Rizzoli & Isles (2010-2012), Revolution (2012-2014), Major Crimes (2015-2018), Zoo (2015-2017)
    First MovieDaredreamer (1990)
    HobbiesLoves reading books, singing and traveling
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    Billy Burke, prior to becoming an actor, was a talented singer who started performing at only 9 years old and later joined a band at 15 years old. He initially moves to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a musician although when it didn’t work out Billy Burke tried his acting skills and landed his first feature film role after several auditions, in 1990.

    Billy Burke’s age is around 57, as Billy Burke was born on the 25th of November, 1966 in Everett, Washington. Billy Burke’s height is around 6 ft 2 inches (188 cm) while Billy Burke’s weight is around 80 kg (175 lbs). In his spare time, Billy Burke loves to read books, sing and lists traveling as part of his hobbies.

    There is not much known about Billy Burke’s family other than that Billy Burke’s ex-wife is actress Pollyanna Rose, whom he was married to from June of 2008 to their divorce in 2017. Billy Burke and his ex-wife Pollyanna Rose have a lovely daughter together, named Bluesy LaRue Burke.

    Owing to his impressive acting skills and an acting career in the Hollywood movie industry and the American television industry, Billy Burke’s net worth is estimated around IND 35 crores (USD 5 Million).

    Although Billy Burke has not won any awards, Billy Burke has had 1 Saturn Award for Best Actor on Television nomination for his impressive role in ‘Revolution’ (2012-2014).

    Interesting Facts About Billy Burke

    • Billy Burke is a smoker and also drinks alcohol.
    • Billy Burke was initially planning a career as a musician in Hollywood since he had started singing and performing since he was 9 years old.
    • Billy Burke is most recognized by global audiences as Sheriff Charlie Swan, father of Bella Swan in the super hit ‘Twilight’ movie series from Hollywood.
    • Billy Burke has also done a major role in the super hit TV thriller series ’24’.

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