Joonas Suotamo Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Net Worth and Bio

  • Joonas Suotamo is a Finnish actor who has become popular for taking over as Chewbacca in the latest Star Wars movie sequels.

    Joonas Suotamo is a talented musician and interested in directing movie too. Prior to this, Joonas Suotamo was a professional basketball player in the US and Finland. Joonas Suotamo’s interest in acting was recognized by casting agents and his height made him an ideal replacement for Peter Mayhew, who had portrayed Chewbacca in all previous Star Wars movies.

    Joonas Suotamo has become popular for playing the furry Wookie and has become a fan-favorite too.

    About Joonas Suotamo


    Real NameJoonas Viljami Suotamo
    Date of Birth3rd October 1986
    Age37 years
    Roman Catholic
    Place of Birth
    Espoo (Finland)
    Bachelor of Arts degree from Pennsylvania State University (Pennsylvania)

    Physical Stats

    6 ft 11"
    (211 cm) approximately
    231 lbs
    (105 kg)
    Hair Color
    Eye ColorBlue

    Family & Relationships

    FatherViljami Suotamo
    MotherAnja Suotamo
    BrotherEemil Suotamo (Younger)
    Marital StatusMarried
    WifeMilla Suotamo


    Actor/Singer/Basketball Player
    Net Worth INR 42,00,00,000
    (USD 6 Million)
    Famous for
    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017), Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
    First MovieStar Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)
    HobbiesLoves singing, playing basketball and acting
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    Joonas Suotamo had aspired to become an artist from a fairly young age. However, his passion for basketball also helped him pursue his career in acting. Joonas Suotamo has played basketball for his university team, the Penn State Nittany Lions and also for Finland’s national basketball team as well as for the junior national teams too. Joonas Suotamo initially started as a body double for the ageing Peter Mayhew who had portrayed Chewbacca in all Star Wars movies till then but finally replaced him when the veteran Star Wars actor retired after 2015. Joonas Suotamo’s performance as Chewbacca in the recent Star Wars movies have been appreciated by Star Wars fans all over the world.

    Joonas Suotamo’s age is around 37 years, as Joonas Suotamo was born on the 3rd October, 1986 in Espoo, Finland. Joonas Suotamo’s height is an impressive 6 ft 11 inches (211 cm). Joonas Suotamo’s weight is around 105 kg (231 lbs). Joonas Suotamo’s hobbies include singing and playing basketball while Joonas Suotamo’s passion is acting.

    Joonas Suotamo’s father is Viljami Suotamo, who is a businessman by profession. Joonas Suotamo’s mother is Anja Suotam, who is a schoolteacher. Joonas Suotamo is the eldest of two children to his parents. Although Joonas Suotamo does not have sisters Joonas Suotamo’s younger brother is Eemil Suotamo, who is a student. Joonas Suotamo’s relationship status is married. Joonas Suotamo’s wife is Milla Suotamo, who is a businesswoman. Joonas Suotamo and his wife have a son too.

    Thanks to his successful basketball career and rising fame as an actor, Joonas Suotamo’s net worth is estimated around INR 42 crores (USD 6 Million).

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    Interesting Facts About Joonas Suotamo

    • Joonas Suotamo’s childhood dream was to become an artist, musician and actor.
    • Joonas Suotamo performed regularly in his school’s stage productions.
    • Joonas Suotamo also aspired to be a director and earned his Bachelor of Arts in Films and Video from Pennsylvania State University in 2018.
    • Joonas Suotamo’s professional basketball career made him a popular player in Finnish national basketball circuits.
    • Joonas Suotamo’s impressive height restricts the amount of roles he can perform hence Joonas Suotamo is also focused on directing once he completes his compulsory service in Finnish armed forces.

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