Sona Mahapatra -Salmant khan He is the ‘Paper Tiger’ .. Stop worshiping!

  • Bollywood singer Sona Mahapatra has once again stormed Salman Khan. ‘Bharat’ tweeted him in the movie and tweeted him as ‘Paper Tiger’. She tweeted Salman Khan’s latest film ‘Bharat’ box office report. “Hollywood is a huge promotion for Salman starrer Bharat, but it has not been able to achieve a staggering Rs. What should we call such film superstars? ‘ She added the hashtag named Paper Tiger. Salman has advised fans to avoid such worship.Such tweets on the Bollywood masks are not new to Sonakai. She has also tweeted in the past as she blamed her for tweeting Priyanka Jonas from Bharat Movie. In reply to Priyanka, he tweeted with his tweet. Salman Khan’s fans recovered and threatened to kill her. Katrina Kaif’s performance as Salman in Bharat Movie, directed by Ali Abbas Jaffer.

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