Anandkumar lies in ‘Super 30’

  • Hrithik Roshan’s latest movie ‘Super 30’The release looks to be in trouble. Based on the life of famous mathematician Anand Kumar, the film will be released soon. However, many IIT students in the court last year filed a pampered statement that Anand Kumar was making false promises that most of the students were admitted to the IIT through the ‘Super 30’ Institute. While the pill is in the trial, the students who filed the pampered question how Anand Kumar’s life will be released and how to release the movie. The IIT students who have already filed the pills are Avinash Baro, Bikas Das, Monjit Doyle, Dhaniram Tha are preparing for another case to stop the release of ‘Super 30’. They are asking how the film will be released before a case is filed.

    The student’s lawyer, Amit Goyal, said that Anand Kumar did not appear to be reflected in the facts and did not intend to damage the film. Anandakumar claimed that 26 students from their institute had been admitted to the IIT in 2018, but the 26 students who joined the IIT were asked to appear in the court, but he did not give details to the petitioners. Anchuddukar, who has been working hard to reach the IITs every year, has been known for his popularity among the students of poor families. Hrithik Roshan has made his debut as a superhero movie.

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