Luis Guzman Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Net Worth & Bio

  • Luis Guzman is a Puerto Rican actor who is renowned for his numerous supporting roles in the Hollywood movie and American TV industry.

    Although Luis Guzman is most recognized for playing the villain’s sidekick or the borderline corrupt policeman in movies, his real-life was in total contrast to his on-screen characters as Luis Guzman was highly active as a social worker in his town in Puerto Rico.

    Prior to entering Hollywood as an actor, Luis Guzman began acting in theater and in independent films.

    Luis Guzman is a highly talented character actor whose mannerism of the character he is portraying is more expressive than the dialogues needed for the role.

    About Luis Guzman


    Real NameLuis Guzman
    Date of Birth28th August 1956
    Puerto Rican
    Roman Catholic
    Place of Birth
    Cayey (Puerto Rico)
    Graduated from High School

    Physical Stats

    5 ft 6"
    (166 cm) approximately
    165 lbs
    (75 kg)
    Hair Color
    Eye ColorBrown

    Family & Relationships

    Step-FatherBenjamin Cardona
    (TV Technician)
    MotherRosa Guzman
    (Hospital Employee)
    Marital StatusMarried
    WifeAngelita Galarza-Guzman
    (Social Worker)


    Net Worth INR 128,00,00,000
    (USD18 Million)
    Famous for
    MOVIES -

    Short Eyes (1977), Variety (1983), Seven Women, Seven Sins, No Picnic (1986), Heartbeat (1987), Crocodile Dundee-II (1988), True Believer, Rooftops, Black Rain (1989), Q&A (1990), The Hard Way (1991), Jumpin' at the Boneyard, Quiet Killer, In the Shadow of a Killer, To Catch a Killer, Innocent Blood (1992), Guilty as Sin, Double Deception, Mr. Wonderful, Carlito's Way (1993), The Cowboy Way, The Burning Season, Hand Gun (1994), Lotto Land (1995), The Substitute (1996), The Brave, Pronto, Boogie Nights (1997), Out of Sight, Snake Eyes, King of New York (1998), Mind Prey, The Limey, The Bone Collector, Magnolia (1999), Thin Air, Traffic (2000), Double Whammy, Home Invaders (2001), The Count of Monte Cristo, Punch Drunk Love, The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002), Anger Management, Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd, Runaway Jury (2003), Lemon Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004), Carlito's Way: Rise to Power, Dreamer (2005), Fast Food Nation, School for Scoundrels, Hard Luck (2006), Maldeamores, War, Cleaner (2007), I Kicked Luis Guzman in the Face, Nothing Like the Holidays (2008), Still Waiting.., The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009), Arthur, Rise of the Damned (2011), Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Counter Culture (2012), The Last Stand, We're the Millers (2013), In the Blood, Top Five, Reclaim (2014), Puerto Ricans in Paris (2015), Keanu (2016), Aztec Warrior, The Duck, 9/11, Hold On (2017), The Padre (2018)


    The Equalizer - "The Lock Box" (1985), Miami Vice (1985-1986), Hunter - "La Familia" (1990), Law & Order - "Heaven" (1991), Civil Wars - "Tape Fear" (1992), NYPD Blue (1993), seaQuest DSV - "The Good Death" (1994), House of Buggin (1995), New York Undercover (1995-1996), Early Edition - "The Quality of Mercy" (1998), Oz - (1998-2001), Frasier - "Enemy at the Gate" (2002), Luis (2003), John from Cincinnati (2007), How to Make it in America (2010-2011), Mind Games (2014), Code Black (2015-2018), Narcos (2015), Roadies (2016)
    First MovieShort Eyes (1977)
    HobbiesReading books and doing social work
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    Luis Guzman is a truly talented actor who is most adept at using the character acting technique to bring depth and interest in the various characters he portrays on the big and small screen. Luis Guzman has received several prestigious awards and has had various award nominations as well.

    Luis Guzman’s age is around 67, as Luis Guzman was born on the 28th of August, 1956 in Cayey, Puerto Rico. Luis Guzman’s height is around 5 ft 6 inches (166 cm) while Luis Guzman’s weight is around 75 kg (165 lbs). In his spare time, Luis Guzman loves reading books and doing social work, as part of his hobbies.

    Luis Guzman’s step father was Benjamin Cardona, who worked as a TV repairman, while Luis Guzman’s mother was Rosa Guzman, who worked in a hospital. Luis Guzman does not have any siblings as he is the only child to his mother and stepfather. Luis Guzman’s wife is Angelita Galarza-Guzman, whom he has been married to since 1985. Luis Guzman and his wife Angelita Galarza-Guzman have 5 lovely children together – son Jace O’Flynn Guzman, and daughters Yoruba Briggs-Guzman, Luna Guzman, Yemaya Briggs-Guzman, Cemi Guzman and Margarita Briggs-Guzman.

    Thanks to his extensive acting career of over 40 years in the Hollywood movie industry and the American TV industry, Luis Guzman’s net worth is estimated around INR 128 crores (USD 18 Million).

    Luis Guzman is also the winner of several honorable acting awards and has had various award nominations during his career as an excellent supporting actor.

    Luis Guzman is the winner of Florida Film Critics Circle Award for Best Cast for his role in ‘Boogie Nights’ (1997) and also earned 1 Screen Actors Guild Award nomination too.

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    Luis Guzman is also the winner of the Awards Circuit Community Award for Best Cast Ensemble and the Florida Film Critics Circle Award for Best Cast, once again, for ‘Magnolia’ (1999), and also earned 1 Screen Actors Guild Award nomination once again.

    Luis Guzman won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture for ‘Traffic’ (2000), the Imagen Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in ‘Punch-Drunk Love’ (2002) and won the Imagen Award for Best Actor for his excellent role in ‘Maldeamores’ (2007) besides being winner of the NAMIC Vision Award for Best Performance in a Comedy for his role in the hit TV show ‘How to Make it in America’ (2010-2011).

    Apart from winning these 7 awards, Luis Guzman has also had 2 award nominations to his credit as well.

    Interesting Facts About Luis Guzman

    • Luis Guzman does not smoke, however Luis Guzman does drink alcohol.
    • Luis Guzman is most recognized for playing edging and corrupt cops or the villain’s sidekick in movies.
    • Luis Guzman worked as a social worker among the youth in his community before deciding to become an actor.
    • Luis Guzman idolizes Marlon Brando as an actor and often tries to mimic the level of character immersion the legendary character actor was able to portray in his iconic roles.
    • Luis Guzman never wanted to become an actor, but after he started to perform at neighborhood parties for extra income he realized the potential it had for the future.

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